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  • Walkways double at the hub
    Changes to come at the heart of Disney's Magic Kingdom park
    The central plaza or hub is the heart of Disney's 'castle' parks, originating with Disneyland in 1955. Cozy and often cramped, though, the California classic's center point was later writ large with the premiere of Florida's...
  • A look at Montgomery Plaza in downtown Fort Worth
    A look at Montgomery Plaza in downtown Fort Worth
    Montgomery Plaza of Fort Worth is one of many downtown remnants being reawakened with new purpose apart from past establishment. Built in 1928, the Plaza was used for shipping items from homecatalogers. From sweaters tohosieryto kitchen utensils,...
  • Barndive - Entrance to freshness
    Barndiva in Healsdburg: All things local and flavor filled
    In their own words, Barndiva is a celebration of all things local. As a founding member of Fork and Shovel, a collaborative group of 30 restaurants, local farmers and chefs, Barndiva sources its food from local member farmers, ranchers and small...
  • The Lone Sailor statue
    United States Navy Memorial honors service at sea
    The United States Navy Memorial, located on Pennsylvania Avenue, NW, between 7th and 9th Streets, is an evocative tribute the generations of men and women who served their nation on the sea. The memorial honors each of the maritime service...
  • Plaza Las Vegas: What’s old is new again
    Plaza Las Vegas: What’s old is new again
    The Plaza Hotel & Casino has reinvented itself keeping the best from the past while incorporating present and looking towards the future.In 1971, The Plaza Hotel & Casino opened in downtown Las Vegas at the intersection of Main and Fremont...
  • Plaza lights
    Country Club Plaza Lighting Ceremony
    In a few short weeks, families will be gathering from near and far to celebrate Thanksgiving dinner, and in Kansas City it is a tradition to begin the Christmas season with the Plaza Lighting Ceremony. If you are a native of Kansas City, this...
  • Yerba Buena Alley
    Plazas and parks in San Francisco: Yerba Buena Alley
    San Francisco has a large collection of public plazas and parks scattered throughout the city, if you just know where to look. One of the newer plazas is Yerba Buena Alley linking Yerba Buena Gardens to Market Street and the new Contemporary...
  • Plaza Hotel
    Plaza Hotel to undergo major renovations
    Las Vegas landmark, The Plaza Hotel and Casino will be laying off around 400 employees and closing hotel operations beginning November 12, 2010. The closure will be temporary, as the Plaza will be undergoing major renovations to the hotel portion...
  • Standard Style Boutique
    Standard Style Boutique
    Matt and Emily Baldwin are the founders of a fashion collaboration, Standard Style. They desired to bring the latest in men and women’s fashion to the Kansas City area and successfully do so through their boutiques. The first location was...
  • Hundreds of employees and their family members showed up at the Mobile Government Plaza for this meeting that every seat was filled and the fire marshal would not allow any other people to enter into where the meeting was held.
    Possible pay cut for firefighter's and all city employees
    The Mayor of Mobile is at it again with his ideas about cutting the budget and he wants to cut all city employees at least 5% and possibly up to 15%. Tuesday March 30, 2010 at the city council meeting this potential pay cut was the topic of...
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