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  • Rosary
    Pew study finds number of Christians drop while secular "nones" increase
    The last seven years have seen a fairly dramatic shift in the make-up of America’s religious groups. In particular, the number of Americans who do not affiliate with a particular church has been on the rise, growing to 56 million in recent...
  • Job opportunities -Obama in LACA
    Tales of the Great Recession: 57 million now in multi-gen households
    Discouraged job-seekers, perhaps trying to make ends meet or save money for the future, are showing up in data trends as a PEW report indicates there are now 57 million people in multi-generational households trying to survive.WritersRichard Fry...
  • Don't give up
    Mindset and success: the brain must learn not to give up
    A PEWsocial trends report has found that among adults ages 25 to 34, over 60% say they have friends or family members who have moved back in with their parents in recent years.The reason given for this return home is our current economic...
  • The Department of Consumer Affairs needs your opinion
    The Department of Consumer Affairs needs your opinion
    The Department of Consumer Affairs wants to know the relationship between consumer credit card debt collection and mortgage default as a result. Although many studies have been performed to correlate the rate of bankruptcy to consumer debt, no...
  • Obama
    Many Republican voters still believe Obama is Muslim
    Four years after winning the election, one in three Republican voters is still convinced US President Barack Obama is a Muslim, a Pew Research Center survey reports.Apparently this is up since 2008, senior Pew researcher Greg Smith was quoted as...
  • church
    Atheism is on the rise in America
    More and more Americans are choosing not to associate with any kind of organized religion, a recent Pew poll shows.According to the Pew Research Center, 19 per cent of Americans identify as either atheist, agnostic, or believe in nothing in...
  • Pew survey says partisan polarization is high
    Pew survey says partisan polarization is high
    Instead of an America coming together to heal the wounds of the past and to work for a brighter future it appears there is a deeper splintering of sentiments among American voters than has been seen in years. In fact Linda Feldmann has reported...
  • obama at mosque
    Obama - Is he really our Muslim (backed) President?
    Is he or isn't he?Just a few short years ago, he was a relatively obscure politician/community organizer/lawyer from Illinois/Hawaii/parts unknown.Ever since then, rumors have swirled around Barack Obama's ecclesiastical allegiance ever...
  • angry nun
    Survey reveals atheists know religion better than believers
    Sept. 28, 2010 -Results of anew survey on U.S. knowledge of religion was released today by the Pew Research Center's Forum on Religion and Public Life. 3,412 Americans across the country were asked 32 questions about the core teachings,...
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