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  • Ocean of Love
    To Nurture & Protect
    Comic Louis C.K. joked in his HBO special,How do women still go out with guys, when you consider the fact that there is no greater threat to women than men? We’re the number one threat! To women! Globally and historically, we’re the...
  • Chana, prayer and our celebration of the Busch Babies' first birthday
    Chana, prayer and our celebration of the Busch Babies' first birthday
    Her lips moved while praying but in silence.Patriarchal family dynamics have predominated throughout human history, with few if any exceptions-including the patriarchy of ancient Israel. Now, if that statement seems a generalization, I invite you...
  • Policing the Police
    Three Reasons We Are All Gender Police
    In part one on my series on sexism, we learned what Capitol Hill has in common with Monopoly: in each case, we participate in something larger than ourselves, where there is the notable absence of some behaviors and the presence of others (in...
  • Ellen Page
    Ellen Page decries the persecution of actresses in Hollywood
    Actress Ellen Page, 26, claims opportunities for female actresses in Hollywood are extremely limited due to prevailing patriarchal hierarchy which prevents women from getting parts that are equally compelling as their male counterparts.Page...
  • niqab
    Islamic preacher says Canadian women should have dress code (Video)
    Western women have too much freedom in their dress code and that is why they are sexually assaulted, an Islamic street preacher in Toronto said recently, adding Canadian laws should be changed so women “cover themselves” to prevent...
  • Toilets
    Complementarian men symbolically urinate on women
    Last week, men were symbolically urinating on women at the complementarian “Men of God 2012” conference held at Calvary Baptist Church in Bellefontaine, Ohio.Complementarianism assigns strict gender roles to women and men with women...
  • Kirk Cameron
    Kirk Cameron complementarianism and quiverful patriarchy
    The Web is buzzing with news of Kirk Cameron’s candid disclosure of his position on homosexuality. But with his “Love Worth Fighting For” marriageevents being so popular, has anyone bothered to look deeper than the surface and...
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