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  • palTV
    Palestinian Kiddie Show: Jews are 'Evil, Filth'
    Not exactly the first time ever, the Palestinian Authority’s (PA) official television network is airing a kiddie show that leans more that a tiny bit towards the less-than-loving side. As reported by The Times of Israel on June 2, 2015, the...
  • Iraq celebrate v Palestine 2015
    Iraq qualify for Asian Cup quarter finals
    2007 Asian Cup Champions, Iraq have set up a thrilling derby match up in the quarter finals as they managed a win at Canberra Stadium on Tuesday night. It was a 2-0 win over Palestine that sealed Iraq’s place, but Palestine impressed with a...
  • Jordan celebrate v PLE AC2015
    Jordan win as Palestine score first ever Asian Cup goal
    The first derby of the Asian Cup ended with a big win to Jordan as they defeated their local rivals, Palestine at Melbourne Rectangular Stadium on Friday evening. It was a 5-1 win for Jordan over Palestine, who will take comfort out of the fact...
  • Paris
    Counting the dead in Paris
    Michael Sean Winters of National Catholic Reporter examines how we are considering the dead in Paris, victim and terrorist alike. You can read his piece at I go a bit...
  • Jerusalem
    War of words at National Catholic Reporter over Palestine
    Michael Sean Winters of National Catholic Reporter writes a long expected rebuttal to two of his colleagues, Fr. Drew Christiansen and Ra'fat Aldajani on the state of Palestine. You can read his piece at
  • Japan celebrate v Palestine AC2015
    Japan open Asian Cup defense with big win over Palestine
    Japan got the perfect start to their Asian Cup title defense as they managed a 4-0 win over Palestine at Newcastle Stadium on Monday night. It was a convincing victory from the Asian Champions as they put the tournament debutants to the sword...
  • Benjamin Netanyahu
    Israel stops mandatory payments of over $100 million to Palestinians
    In what doesn't come as a complete surprise, Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu has suspended over $100 million in payments to the Palestinian people. Citing the Palestinian president's recent attempt to join the International...
  • Youtubestab
    Palestinian 'How to kill a Jew' instructional video goes viral
    With Islamic Jihadist so-called lone wolf attacks already drawing blood from London to Sydney and with sanguine stops ranging from Boston to Ottawa to Fort Hood, a how-to video has gone viral on Palestinian social media regarding killing Jews with...
  • WFP provides vouchers in Palestine
    WFP's ray of hope in Palestine
    The UN World Food Programme (WFP) is a life-saver to the hungry in Palestine. One of their newer relief programs is yielding some great results.It's a food voucher plan. This helps impoverished families buy food at markets. For poor families...
  • What about India and Pakistan?
    Comparing Israeli-Palestinian Conflict to the Indian-Pakistan Conflict
    Looking back on thelasted bout of violence between Israel and Hamasthis past summer, the amount of attention and devotion the decades-old conflict has received is staggering. As the world struggled to address the Ukraine Crisis, the Islamic State...
  • Dr. Bronner's Zionist Soap
    Dr. Bronner's Magic Soaps proudly display "Zionist ideals" on website
    Dr. Bronner's is something of a cultural fixture among health conscious consumers, a bit like the Chuck Taylor AllStar sneaker among presumed "counterculture" types. The company is most widely known for their all purpose soap, and...
  • Twitter Post
    Some liberal Democrats praise Jerusalem synagogue attack
    Tuesday morning saw the attack of a Jewish synagogue by two Palestinian cousins. You would think that it would cause nothing but sadness. Liberal Democrats, who have historically supported those who have been attacked because of their race or...
  • Conflict Kitchen  Uploaded by crazypaco
    Conflict Kitchen Pushes It Too Far - Closed
    In Schenley Plaza next to the University of Pittsburgh, there was a food kiosk that introduced adventurous diners to foods from around the world. The catch is that the countries featured were all considered in conflict with the U.S. - hence the...
  • Beloved Rasmea Odeh, survivor of Israeli torture brutality
    Rasmea Odeh judge in Detroit censors Israelis tortured her to force confessions
    Rasmea Odeh, Israeli torture survivor and beloved human rights leader of Chicago’s Palestinian community, saw her supporters pack a Detroit courtroom Thursday for continuing testimonies and cross examinations of U.S. Citizenship and...
  • Palestinian youth in conflict with Israeli police
    Amnesty International has accused Israel of war crimes
    The Israelis and their wealthy and powerful Jewish lobby worldwide like to paint a picture of themselves as standing on a morale high ground in dealing with human rights issues. However this doesn't appear to be the case to the Palestinians....
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