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  • Pakistani baby attempted murder
    Pakistani baby attempted murder: Attempted murder charge for baby lobbing rocks
    A Pakistani baby has been charged with attempted murder after officials say he was throwing rocks at gas company officials in "an attempt to stone them." The infant, who is still drinking from a bottle, was hauled into legal proceedings...
  • Pakistan
    At least 85 Pakistani Christians killed in church bombing
    At least 85 Pakistani Christians were killed Sunday when Islamic militants bombed All Saints Church in Peshawar. Peshawar is a central location for al-Qaeda and Taliban activity.The New York Times reports that "two suicide bombers rushed the...
  • Biryani
    Cab driver recommendations for Indian cuisine
    Restaurant owners in big cities with a high rate in tourism understand the importance of cab driver recommendations. Taxi cab drivers are frequently asked about the best restaurants in the city, as well as the restaurants that they are asked to...
  • Chai Shai's Masala Paneer
    Chai Shai brings homemade Pakistani and Indian couisine to Kansas City!
    What's a tea-and-samosas cafe, specialty grocery store and cozy restaurant all in one? Chai Shai. The small, restaurant opened last year has become a booming success in no time as a hang-out for UMKC students, diners looking for homemade...
  • Chicken Tika
    Kohinoor Dhaba: Cheap Pakistani Buffet in Arlington, VA
    Kohinoor Dhaba Halal:**Halal meat, no pork, although alcohol is available.Price $ 8.95 for Dinner buffetAfter discussing a Pakiistani Buffet I used to frequent during my UMBC days, I found myself craving some good old buffet action. My Google...
  • Bollywood movie posters lining the walls at Rotee. Open-kitchen layout.
    Get your Bollywood on at Rotee
    Rotee has been described to me by other patrons as having good take-out food. Not better than other Indian restaurants, however certainly worth the money, and convenient because Rotee offers delivery services. Rotee offers food at two different...
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