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  • Delicious dog treats
    Recipes for pups: delicious dog treats
    With the news that yet another once-trusted pet food company is having to recall millions of packages of their product and/or being sued for the illness or death of one’s beloved pet, more and more people may turn to making their own treats...
  • Happy pups in Bethesda
    Dining out with Trumpet and Trombone in Bethesda at Redwood
    It always starts with a car ride, which is fun for pups that love to ride in the car, and they know that the ride will lead to the next doggie adventure location. They also know that if they behave in the car, they might just get the reward of an...
  • Starbucks now serving pups of coffee
    Starbucks now serving pups of coffee
    No, you did not read that wrong, nor was it typed incorrectly. The Starbucks where Center adoptables will go to visit is located at the Flower Hill Mall in California will be serving “pups of coffee” at this location as well as 49...
  • Mexican Grey Wolf mom with her pups
    Mexican Gray Wolves born in wild for first time in decades
    Mexican gray wolves have been born in the wild for the first time in decades, according to a report dated July 22, from the Tech Times. The litter of wolves was born sometime in June. They were spotted by researchers, studying the western Sierra...
  • LAX therapy dogs
    New Job for Therapy Dogs at LAX
    A new job for Therapy dogs! PUPs – Pets Unstressing Passengers will be stationed in LAX airport to help passengers who find flying stressful. The dogs will be located throughout the airport, will be wearing vests identifying them as PUPs and...
  • Nordiyya, Israel?
    Why canines should not be adopted from puppy mills
    People always tend to purchase their puppies from local pet shops without prior knowledge as to where they came from, who bred them, and what their health history is like. One thing to note is that buying a dog from a pet store is not always a...
  • Pup Buds
    The latest in all things pets at Pup Buds
    The everything pet social network is a wonderful website discovered by a pet lover in Fort Myers, Florida, that is helpful to pet owners in SW Florida as well as in other areas as well. It is called Pup Buds!Pup Buds offers advice by many,...
  • The Dog Resort
    The Dog Resort serves you and your pup's needs
    The Dog Resort LLC, in Fort Myers, Florida, wants its clients to know that they are available to serve you and your pup's needs.This canine resort offers daycare, boarding, grooming, training, food, treats and supplies.They have a cageless,...
  • All but one stolen puppy returned
    All but one stolen puppy returned
    The eighth of the nine puppies stolen from the Sterling animal shelter has been returned safely by two men from Worcester who said they saw the 10-week-old black white male pup all alone and walking down the street.You might recall it was back on...
  • Pet Peoples Place Cuteness Competion
    Pet Peoples Place Cuteness Competition
    Some people, especially females, tend to associate their feelings for each and every day by how they dress. What outfit and accessories are chosen and worn mean a lot to a human being, actually to men, women and children alike.One's mood can...
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