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  • Psychologists for Social Responsibility, upholiding human rights amid torture crisis involving APA
    Hoffman torture scandal research: Psychologists for human rights revolt needed
    A major psychologists' organization defending human rights issued a powerful statement Monday, calling on more psychologists, those remaining silent on torture, to take urgently needed action against their professional organization's...
  •  Demonstrators who want Guantanamo Bay, Cuba closed
    It has been revealed psychologists shielded the U.S. torture program
    There have been shocking revelations of U.S. government endorsed torture programs in recent years. The New York Times reported on July 10, 2015, that psychologists were responsible for shielding the U.S. torture program. According to a new report...
  • Could a Psychiatric Nurse Practitioner Have Helped to Prevent This Tragedy?
    Find an Advanced Nurse Practitioner Before It's Too Late
    With all the crazy and devastating events occurring in our society at this time, an Advanced Nurse Practitioner could be one of our first line defenses. I had the privilege of interviewing a highly qualified advanced, expert psychiatric nurse...
  • Hidden emotions tend to amuse outsiders
    Hidden emotions tend to amuse outsiders
    A smile or a laugh can really brighten our day; smiles tend to warm us through and through. That is why the Comedy Channel and many sitcoms on television are so successful. They help the general populous to deal with life as it comes. But at what...
  • Psychologists as mind readers
    Can psychologists read people?
    "All are lunatics, but he who can analyze his delusion is called a philosopher." — Ambrose BierceIn the world of science psychology often gets a bad rap. While most people are generally accepting of mathematics, biology, physics...
  • Workplace portrayals of psychologists turn off potential patients
    Workplace portrayals of psychologists turn off potential patients
    According to researchers at Iowa State University, the more television viewers see negative portrayals of psychologists and psychiatrists on shows, the less likely they are to seek treatment in real life.During their study, which was published in...
  • Suicide by Cop
    Study reveals "Suicide by Cop" a common occurrence
    A study in the Journal of Forensic Sciences examined theprevalence of the phenomenon of "Suicide by Cop" (SBC)among a large sample of officer-involved shootings. Results show that SBC occurs at extremely high rates, with 36 percent of...
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