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  • Laser Sail Propulsion Concept
    NASA funds project to zap tiny spacecraft to extreme speeds using lasers
    A new NASA-funded project aims to accelerate tiny spacecraft to over one-fourth the speed of light using powerful lasers.Conventional rockets take a long time to get anywhere. For example, NASA’s New Horizons spacecraft took over 9 years to...
  • A Pratt & Whitney turbofan engine is tested at Robins Air Force Base
    Air Force investigating Engine Exchange Program
    The U.S. Air Force is investigating a possible Engine Exchange Program, according to documents posted Friday on the Federal Business Opportunities website.In the initial exchange, the Air Force would trade 50 Pratt & Whitney F100-100 whole...
  • U of M researching ion thrusters for interplanetary travel
    U of M researching ion thrusters for interplanetary travel
    In case you haven't heard, there is some excitement on the internet about the discovery of a nearby Earth-like planet in today's news. The planet is referred to as HD 40307g and is estimated to be "~42 light years distant". The...
  • The US spy drone captured by the Iranians.
    Spy Drone Captured by Iranian Flying Saucer?
    Mehran Tavakoli Keshe, an Iranian scientist and engineer, claims that an Iranian flying saucer technology he developed was used to capture the Sentinel drone about which the mainstream media has been reporting. Does Iran have a space program more...
  • Liquid and solid propellant axial booster
    Luddy joins Aerojet in Washington
    Aerojet, a GenCorp company, announced on Monday that John Luddy has joined the company to head the Washington, D.C. office.Since 2002, Luddy has served as president of Vector Solutions, LLC, providing business development, government relations and...
  • Earth as seen from Apollo 17
    Two Colorado companies to study solar electric spacecraft propulsion concepts
    A major cost to manned space exploration missions is fuel. The ability to carry enough fuel, cost effectively, to succeed in deep space human exploration, has always been a problem. That problem may one day be solved.NASA has given five companies...
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