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  • Atlanta Municipal Court Amnesty Program
    City of Atlanta Warranty Amnesty is a temporary fix
    Any Atlanta resident can attest to the all familiar sight of a car pulled to the side of the road with blue lights flashing behind. Some days it can be so many in one day, in one small radius of area, that it prompts one to say “The police...
  • Jesus said, "The poor you will have with you always."
    Financial freedom: How low-income families are reducing debt and saving money
    Remember when a loaf of bread cost less than a dollar?Obviously, much has changed since then. Times are tough for a lot of people, but especially the 50 million Americans currently living below the poverty line on $23,500 or less a year. The...
  • Young Teacher
    Teachers, the other urban drop out
    When it comes to modern day civil rights issues, education is at the forefront. Over the past few years there have been major education reforms with initiatives to turn around failing schools and to expand school choice for low-income students,...
  • Urban Classroom
    PTSD in our nation's classrooms
    Bring up the term PTSD (Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder) and images of war and returning veterans likely pop up. However, more and more, teachers in America’s schools are seeing the effects of severe emotional distress in their very own...
  • Is living in poverty a choice?
    Is living in poverty a choice?
    An American political debate is raging around a simple question; is living in poverty a choice or the result of uncontrollable circumstances?Of course there are no clear-cut answers. However, there are a some rather obvious facts to support basic...
  • Brain Freeze Poverty
    Brain Freeze Poverty
    Do you have your ticket? Have you bought your seat? Are you ready to go? Have you been sitting on ready just waiting for the streamlined silver bullet of success to show up at your door step? The truth is: for all of our lives, we have been...
  • Stress and Poverty
    This is your brain on adversity
    Growing up in a poor neighborhood can create an onslaught of challenges for the kids forced to grow up in them: A greater chance of witnessing or experiencing violence, limited access to fresh and healthy food, a lack of stable and adequate...
  • 'My 600-lb Life' shows obesity, poverty, lack of education, socio-economic links
    'My 600-lb Life' shows obesity, poverty, lack of education, socio-economic links
    Obesity is a vicious cycle or eat too much, exercise too little. Research shows obesity is linked to another vicious cycle: poverty, reported NZ Stuff from a New Zealand Institute of Economic Research (NZIER) report Feb. 24. TLC's "My 600...
  • Harf to critics: My remarks 'might be too nuanced for some'
    Harf to critics: My remarks 'might be too nuanced for some'
    With apologies to Sir IsaacNewton, it might be said that for every idiotic comment to emanate from the mouths of the two official spokesmodels for the ObamaState Department, there will be an even more idiotic comment.On Monday, Marie Harf, the...
  • Sheryl WuDunn holds up her book "A Path Appears"
    A Path Appears: Giving hope back to the world's poor
    Some of the most tragic human suffering takes place in today’s world. Sexual violence, human trafficking, gender oppression, disease and poverty have profound effects on individuals and communities worldwide. Based on their book “A...
  • Bill Gates
    Bill Gates has warned artificial intelligence could kill us all
    As one of the wealthiest and people in the world the positions that Bill Gates takes on matters are generally taken very seriously. And so now that Gates has expressed deep concerns about the potential perils of artificial intelligence there are...
  • Kids in poverty
    Many American kids are in danger of poor health from poverty
    The most affluent Americans should wake up to the hard cold fact that the American system is drastically failing and without a more proper distribution of opportunities and wealth someday there may be nothing left but illness and death for them...
  • Large families are not a source of poverty, Pope Francis declares
    Large families are not a source of poverty, Pope Francis declares
    In his first General Audience since returning from a highly-publicized apostolic visit to Sri Lanka and the Philippines, Pope Francis has spoken out on the issue of contraception and the nature of the family for the third time in four days. In...
  • Francis in Manila
    Pope Francis goes to the Pacific
    Michael Sean Winters of National Catholic Reporter offers his reaction to the Pope's visit to the Philipines and Sri Lanka and his message against cultural imperialism. You can read his reflections on
  •  Mitt Romney speaks to fellow Republicans at a dinner during the Republican National Committee's Annual Winter Meeting
    Mitt Romney makes the case for a third presidential run while doubts persist
    According to a Friday story in the Washington Post, 2012 GOP presidential candidate Mitt Romney appeared at the meeting of the Republican National Committee in San Diego and made the case for a third go at the presidency. His speech touched on...