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  • Kids in poverty
    Many American kids are in danger of poor health from poverty
    The most affluent Americans should wake up to the hard cold fact that the American system is drastically failing and without a more proper distribution of opportunities and wealth someday there may be nothing left but illness and death for them...
  • Large families are not a source of poverty, Pope Francis declares
    Large families are not a source of poverty, Pope Francis declares
    In his first General Audience since returning from a highly-publicized apostolic visit to Sri Lanka and the Philippines, Pope Francis has spoken out on the issue of contraception and the nature of the family for the third time in four days. In...
  • Francis in Manila
    Pope Francis goes to the Pacific
    Michael Sean Winters of National Catholic Reporter offers his reaction to the Pope's visit to the Philipines and Sri Lanka and his message against cultural imperialism. You can read his reflections on
  •  Mitt Romney speaks to fellow Republicans at a dinner during the Republican National Committee's Annual Winter Meeting
    Mitt Romney makes the case for a third presidential run while doubts persist
    According to a Friday story in the Washington Post, 2012 GOP presidential candidate Mitt Romney appeared at the meeting of the Republican National Committee in San Diego and made the case for a third go at the presidency. His speech touched on...
  • Children in poor families at risk for asthma, secondhand smoke
    Children in poor families at risk for asthma, secondhand smoke
    Families living in poverty suffer from many hardships, including the increased likelihood of health problems. A new study evaluated the relationship between poverty and evidence of nicotine exposure in children with asthma. The findings were...
  • Chérif Kouachi and Saïd Kouachi
    From poverty to terrorism: Slippery slope
    Je suis Charley. Step back to see the big picture and context in which terrorism is promulgating in the world today. At the core of the problem are impoverished people who are without hope and prospects of a future. They are contained by old...
  • NYPD Police Protest Mayor deBlasio
    NYPD strike inadvertently proves the system is broken
    The new year is barely upon us, and we already have a nominee for the "Most Ironic Story of the Year." In the ongoing feud between the NYPD and Mayor deBlasio, police are protesting all the protests against police by abandoning many of...
  • Homeless Conundrum
    The Diary Of A Serious Man – ‘Homeless Conundrum’
    San Diego. The city of warm temperatures, ocean breezes, beautiful twenty-somethings and the retched stench of rotting flesh. At least that’s what the slew of homeless degenerates that lie sprawled out haphazardly across the various aisles...
  • Garnishments Told and Untold
    The Garnishing Of The Lower Classes - Why No One Wants To Talk About It.
    Touchy subjects are a pattern in this column. As I end the year, I want to touch upon another subject that is not on the radar of mainstream media; garnishments. No, not the green stuff on your plate no one eats at fancy restaurants. I am talking...
  • homeless and free lunches
    The Hungry Box a restaurant helping the city's poor
    This is the time of year when people have joy in their hearts and give a little extra to the poor and homeless. Montreal is no exception. Feeding the poor is a major women's issue of the day. It is an ongoing battle which a certain Montreal...
  • Those who need God's provision.
    God's provision.
    The minister stood in front of the Springfield congregation. The scripture he read from Exodus spoke of the promise God made to the Israelites to provide food for their journey to the promised land. He continued with scripture from Deuteronomy...
  • The birth of Jesus
    Good news of great joy!
    The baby Jesus born in Bethlehem, praised by the angels, did not come to earth to be King. He was born a King. Yet His birth ushered in no worldly pomp and ceremony. There was no blast of trumpets announcing the event. No palace surrounding Him....
  • Walmart ruling
    Walmart loses second lawsuit this month
    After contesting and appealing a 2007 ruling, Walmart lost again on Dec. 16, and now owes $188 million to many former and current employees in one state. Pennsylvania Supreme Court rejected the retail giant’s appeal to a lower court decision...
  • 130,00 syrian refugees cross Turkish border
    Five facts that display the importance of International Human Rights Day
    With International Human Rights Day and the release of the CIA torture report falling in the same week, there is now a global spotlight on human rights issues. This day is a reminder to world that everyone is entitled to the same basic rights and...
  • Nuclear blast over Hiroshima
    Pope Francis says nukes rob from the hungry and poor
    This week Pope Francis was among those speaking out against the catastrophic effects of nuclear weapons on mankind. The third Conference on the Humanitarian Impact of Nuclear Weapons was just held in Vienna, Austria.Presentations included the...