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  • Colin Farrell: Weight gain changes actor, makes him feel different than before
    Colin Farrell: Weight gain for film role truly hits home, 40 pounds through food
    Colin Farrell talked weight gain this week for a new film role, and while the very idea might sound like a dream come true for some avid eaters, putting on 40 pounds was no easy task for the actor. The “True Detective” star says that...
  • 10-month-old baby 41 pounds: How 9-pound baby grew to 41-pound baby in 10 months
    10-month-old baby 41 pounds: How 9-pound baby grew to 41-pound baby in 10 months
    The 10-month-old baby weighing 41 pounds is making international headlines because Aliya was born a healthy baby with nine pounds but then gained so much weight that as a 10-month-old baby she weighed 41 pounds. Aliya’s dad is sharing that...
  • Mayra Rosales loses 800 pounds of 1000: Mayra shares how she gained, lost weight
    Mayra Rosales loses 800 pounds of 1000: Mayra tells why she gained, lost pounds
    Mayra Rosales loses 800 pounds and the once 1,000-pound Texas woman known as the “Half Ton Killer,” speaks about why she gained so much weight and how she lost it. Mayra used to be a skinny kid who would get spanked or get time out...
  • Soleil Moon Frye weight loss: Keeping off the weight as a good actress and mom
    Soleil Moon Frye: Weight loss on Nutrisystem inspires, star slims down 23 pounds
    Soleil Moon Frye has revealed some amazing weight loss in recent weeks, and has touted the slimming down effect to Nutrisystem. Having taken off 23 pounds already, the 38-year-old actress looks — and feels — better than ever. Even with...
  • The Shift
    Tory Johnson's Life-Changing Weight Loss Journey
    Human-beings are highly visual creatures, the physical appearance of another person having a huge impact at first sight. This awareness concerning our looks has translated into worrying about our weight, women being the most affected when it comes...
  • Pounds
    Exclusive Pounds Interview
    This week I caught up with Rochester hip hop’s great white hope, Pounds. An Indie artist with international connections, we discussed everything from celebrity crushes to reverse racism in the entertainment industry. So without further ado I...
  • Fresh picked Arugula for sale.
    Fresh produce available
    There is a backyard gardener who has produce they have harvested to sell. Everything was picked today or late last night. Items can't be held, as fresh produce does sell quickly.Arugula: 1/4 of a pound - $2.501/2 pound - $41 pound - $7Email...
  • "Yellow Diamonds"
    Video: 'Yellow Diamonds' by Upstate NY Heavy Weight, Pounds
    Alright Roc City hip hop heads, we have another one from the larger then life local rapper, Pounds who is a member of the ever growing conglomerate, Seven Money Music. This time for his latest single, “Yellow Diamonds” which is the...
  • Under the Radar Video Review: SunNY, Pounds, & Jazzy Kennedi "Stop Skeemin"
    Under the Radar Video Review: SunNY, Pounds, & Jazzy Kennedi "Stop Skeemin"
    OK, real hip hop fans, consider this track and video to be an early Christmas present courtesy of Rochester, NY. This video is a compilation of a few of the most prominent rappers in the area and it is most certainly one for the streets!&ldquo...
  • Scale
    The weight: Forgetting about that nasty number
    For many, the decision to start a diet is based on a number. The perception that less weight amounts to better health can be true in many cases, however, one's health should never for any reason be based solely upon that number. It is a...
  • On Demand Interaction
    Hampton Roads work out without leaving your living room! NOW!
    Ok, spring is officially here, and you have those pounds left over still from Thanksgiving.Your New Year’s Resolution only lasted for a day, and you are really hoping to get into that two piece swimsuit by summer. I have the answer! You don...
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