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  • Canelle
    Montreal SPCA needs information related to a dog found with a cracked skull
    Montreal, March 4, 2015 – On Tuesday March 3 2015 , at around 6 p.m., a severely injured dog was brought to the Montreal SPCA. The dog, named Cannelle by Montreal SPCA staff, was found agonizing in a cardboard box on Henri-Julien street, on...
  • plateau training
    5 uncommon ways to overcome your fitness plateau
    So your metabolism, your muscle fibers, your aerobic capacity, your neurological connections, your strength, your endurance, and your proprioception have all adapted to your program. You have tried everything to overcome the hump, but you can'...
  • Running Towards Your Goal
    Why you're not losing weight: Part 3
    Accompanying the healthier, leaner diet we looked at in the previous post on breaking weight loss plateaus, we’re going to take things one step further and get active! Yes, the diet is a major make-or-break factor in your journey, but...
  • Mistakes that caused her to take over five years to lose 40 pounds
    Jenny Sugar: It took me five years to lose 40 pounds, learn from me
    Not everyone has a weight loss journey fit to be showcased on the NBC TV show The Biggest Loser. Most people’s journey will be filled with ups and downs, and many in between times. Many times when at home with no real guidance other than an...
  •  Overcoming weight loss plateaus
    Overcoming weight loss plateaus
    Statistics from 10,000 participants enrolled in a study at the National Weight Control Registry reveal how weight is loss. Of the approx 8,000 women 2,000 men registered in the study, findings indicate:98% modify their diet94% engage in exerciseAn...
  • Julie Wuest
    March power woman Julie Wuest LMS guru
    Julie Wuest, Learning Management Systems Consultant, guru and talented jewelry designer, is a unicorn. Julie embarked on her career path as a teacher’s aide, training 60 middle school students on the ancient skill of typing…on a...
  • Reservoir
    Reservoir: Tasteful and laid-back
    If you are looking for high quality beer and an excellent ambience, Reservoir, on avenue Duluth, is just the place. With its stripped-brick walls, chic wood-slab tables, and lofty rafters, this bistro/ microbrewery is both tasteful and laid back,...
  • Overtraining: What are the Signs
    Overtraining: What are the signs?
    With frigid temperatures and an overwhelming number of gym-goers in the winter months, how do you recognize when too much is too much? Most people have noticed a trend in Cortland during the early months of the new year, dozens of new faces now...
  • fringelogo
    Fringe recaps from around the web for episode: Plateau
    Last night's brand new episode of Fringe has come and gone and they are building around Olivia/Bolivia in a huge and obvious way.So far the stuff with the alternate universe is absolutely fantastic in my eyes and I'm hoping it will be...
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