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  • Tomorrowland Pin
    Limited Edition Pin Giveaway To Celebrate the Opening of "Tomorrowland"
    What geek wouldn't be excited to get the chace to obtain a limited edition pin from the latest Sci-Fi (mystery,adventure) film? How can you resist a film that the plot is two people “embark on a danger-filled mission to unearth the...
  • Pinterest Party
    Pinterest Parties at Michael’s Craft Store's
    Many times we surf the web in search for new ideas and projects for our home, business, or office. Clothing, hobbies and jewelry are also on our list of things to look for as well. In any case, many of these "do it yourself" projects...
  • Debit cards
    Debit cards: signature or PIN, what’s what?
    What kind of debit card do you have? The two types are direct debit cards and deferred debit cards.Direct debitUse of a PIN (personal identification number), which the bank issues or you choose. Card purchases require entering the PIN, and money...
  • Target breach PINs: Target hackers can access bank accounts with stolen PINs
    Target breach PINs: Target hackers can access bank accounts with stolen PINs
    The Target breach PINs news is escalating the aftermath of 40 million credit and debit card accounts stolen during a Target security breach. PINs (Personal Identification Numbers), are supposed to protect a person’s bank account from...
  • A view of Pinterest
    A Review of Pinterest: An Expanding Social Network
    Pinterest is an expanding social network based on the concept of sharing images. Users can share images found online or upload new images. The types of images include every subject including products, photographs, artwork, videos, and website...
  • Brownie Girl Scout Safety Award
    Brownie Girl Scout Safety Award
    Earning this award ensures that the Brownie knows what to do in an emergency.First the girls need to talk to an adult about how to stay safe at school and make a list of the three most important rules for the playground or school bus. These are...
  • Brownie Girl Scout My Faith, My Promise activity
    Brownie Girl Scouts My, Promise, My Faith activity
    The Girl Scout My Promise, My Faith pin can be earned each year a girl is a Girl Scout. The examples below are activities geared towards Brownie Girl Scouts.The girls need to choose a line from the Girl Scout Law. An example iscourageous and...
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