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  • Your sweat stink is contagious
    Your happy sweat could make those around you happier, new study says
    Your sweat stink is contagious. That is, your happy sweat can also make those around you happy. The Sun Daily reported April 19 that chemical compounds produced while people are happy can be detected by those who smell others’ sweat....
  • Pheromones
    Pheromones and the human sexual response
    Pheromones are tricksy little buggers. We can't see them, we can't hear them, we can't touch them, we can't taste them and technically we can't smell them, yet they may hold the key to human sexual response. Pheromones are...
  • R&B Newcomer Antonio Ramsey’s “Pheromones” Music Video Premiere
    R&B Newcomer Antonio Ramsey’s “Pheromones” Music Video Premiere
    Making a grand entrance into the R&B music scene, independent recording artist Antonio Ramsey has released his first music video “Pheromones”. The single will be attached to his upcoming EP album entitled “The Reconstruction...
  • Tallulah scents scent 4711
    What the cat said: Scent
    Kitty head-butted you and then rubbed its cheeks on yours. Kitty kisses. How dear is that? Congratulations; you have just been pheromoned and claimed as belonging to the cat. This is not bad, it is a friendly gesture. Scent exchange shows you have...
  • Romance
    Speed dating study: Does the ‘pill’ affect women’s pick of partners?
    Karen Wu, a doctoral candidate at University of California, Irvine, is in the midst of a study that involves oral contraceptives, pheromones, and speed dating. And of course, young men and women. Her goal is to see if there is a correlation...
  • Sexy man
    Strange sweat attraction to men not so mysterious after all
    The aphrodisiac of a man’s sweat overrides any common sense in some women. The strange arousal of seeing men glistening while working, pumping iron or even in pictures can make a woman drool and distract her attention away from whatever she...
  • Man, Woman, Pheromones
    Those damn pheromones!
    She walked into the club for a birthday party, feeling sultry, vibrant, alive and vivacious! The room hushed when she opened the heavy, metal door and entered the dark room. She stood in the doorway for a second, against the backdrop of the...
  • Aphrodisiac Attack!
    Aphrodisiacs in your cosmetics?
    The notion of aphrodisiacs commonly holds a special place in the passionate pouches of our psyche. We've all heard the term 'aphrodisiac' and commonly ascribe its significance to some type of mystical food or drink that, once imbibed,...
  • resized_2686166545_37ce68cae1.jpg
    Don't understand what all the hype over sex is about? Then you're biggest sex organ is still virgin!
    Sex is supposed to be more than just a way to propagate the species. If it wasn't, it wouldn't feel so darn good! The problem with that statement is that somewomen never find out what all the hype is about when it comes to sex. For some,...
  • Rosemary oil scalp massage, stimulate circulation with lavender,  soap bark wash then vinegar rinse.
    Natural remedies that cure baldness
    Excessive hair loss in the shower is a sure sign of progressive baldness. Don't ignore hair loss or the onset of balding areas, these are signs of certain imbalances in the body and once these issues are addressed the baldness can stop and can...
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