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  • Britney Spears reveals her love for pens
    Britney Spears reveals her love for pens: 'I'm constantly writing'
    Britney Spears might be best known for her music and dance moves, but the artist has another secret. On Friday the talented entertainer revealed that she loves writing. Offering a glimpse of what she does behind the scenes, it appears that a pen...
  • Fountain pens make writing fun
    Office gadgets: the fountain pen makes writing fun
    What is a fountain pen?The fountain pen is an elegant, traditional writing instrument that uses fluid, bottled ink.Why would you want to use one?Fountain pens are easier to write with. You do not have to press into the paper as you do with a...
  • Scribble
    Your One Good Pen - Maybe it's a Lamy
    This is the first in a series of articles on pens that I hope will inspire you to put down your iPhone or iPad or Android for just a few minutes, grab some GOOD paper (more on that in a later article) and scribble a note to someone.Background: I...
  • Why presidents use several pens to sign bills into law
    Why presidents use several pens to sign bills into law (Photos)
    If you have ever seen footage of a president signing a bill into law, you couldn't help but notice that more than one pen was used.President Obama used 22 pens to sign the health-care bill into law on Tuesday, March 23, 2010. He actually used...
  • Promotional items keep your name in front of your clients
    Increase your sales potential with a promotional product
    Look on your desk. There’s bound to be a pen, mug, letter opener, clock, highlighter and stress release ball—with a company’s name on it. Yes we all collect promotional items.These are the handy items that we collect at trade...
  • The BaliYo at Toy Fair
    BaliYo pen based on a knife--plays like a toy
    There were plenty of toy knives, no doubt, at last week’s Toy Fair, but one of the leading real knife manufacturers was there--but with an unusual knife-derived skill game that plays like a yo-yo and writes like a pen.Actually, the 4 ¼...
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