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  • colonoscopy
    Patient sues doctor for making fun during surgery
    A patient who was undergoing a colonoscopy filed a lawsuit with the Fairfax County Court against doctors he claims defamed him while he was under anesthesia. The patient also claims that the doctors were making fun of him and caused emotional...
  • "Betrayal Of Trust" movie
    'Betrayal Of Trust' true story of Jules Masserman and Barbara Noel
    "Betrayal Of Trust" is a 1994 true-story movie based on the case of Barbara Noel and psychiatrist Jules Masserman. "Betrayal Of Trust" first aired on NBC as a movie based on a true story. It is based on a book entitled "...
  • The QR code copied from the Health Innovator Patient TalkBack website
    Patient TalkBack, Adaptive Technology, and so much more
    The Health Innovators are preparing for the February 18 event, Advances in Adaptive Technology. We have a full evening of presenters for amazing technology that enhances the lives of thousands every year. It’s a look behind the scenes at...
  • Therapy dogs bringing piece to disturbed children
    Animal-assisted therapy makes its mark in the world of psychiatry
    Therapy dogs aid humans with several types of disabilities both mental and physical. Animal-assisted therapy (AAT) is a type of treatment where "trained animals facilitate patients' progress toward therapeutic goals" (Barker and...
  • Are You a Patient or a "UNIT" Under Medicare
    Medicare: Are you a patient or a "UNIT" and expendable after 70?
    For those who identify with Medicare and make the statement, “Show me where the new law says that I can still get what I need after 70” - "I can't," says the Huntsville Examiner.Some seasoned citizens believe that once a...
  • "I Accuse" movie
    'I Accuse' based on the true story of John Schneeberger and his patient Candice
    "I Accuse" is a true story movie based on the crimes of Dr. John Schneeberger. The movie premiered in 2003. The real names were changed in the movie.The real story is based on one of his patients, Candice, who had a hand in telling the...
  • Kahler Slater in the 2012 patient empowered room design competition finals
    Kahler Slater in the 2012 patient empowered room design competition finals
    Kahler Salter has been announced as one of the final two in the 2012 patient empowered room design competition. The Institute for Patient-Centered Design Inc. has announced the final two in a random order, Kahler Slater and Mitchel Associates are...
  • Transplant
    Organ transplants in Illinois is a slow process these days
    According to one national program, organ donations have been slow over the last few years both nationally and in Illinois especially when it comes to blacks.Officials with the United Network for Organ Sharing (UNOS), a private, non-profit...
  • a hospitalized patient speaks up
    Talk to us, Doc!
    New Medicare regulations are making "patient-centered care" and "patient satisfaction" into very familiar buzzwords right now in healthcare. Yet healthcare providers are still failing to discuss important issues with their...
  • Jimmy Dye was convicted of three counts of rape and one count of patient abuse
    Patient aide who raped mentally disabled patient to appear before parole board
    Columbus, Ohio - Jimmy Dye admitted to detectives that he crossed boundaries with one of his patients and had oral and anal sex with the patient, but later claimed he didn't understand what oral and anal sex was and denied any wrongdoing. Dye,...
  • Hospice of Palm Beach County
    Dying on your own terms
    Dying. The words that no one wants to hear. Whether it pertains to you, or a close family member. Dying has taken on new dimensions in the 21st century. It is usually decided upon by the person going through it and their wishes should always be...
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