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  • Brett Eldredge
    Winter Jam, Reel Big Fish, and Brett Eldredge lead next week's concerts
    The Central Iowa Concert Calendar for the week of January 18 through January 24 features Winter Jam 2015, plus shows from Reel Big Fish and Less Than Jake, Brett Eldredge, Big Smo, Ana Gasteyer, Particle, and more. Read on to get all the details...
  • Machine Head
    Wooly's adds shows from Rusted Root, Machine Head, Cherub, and more
    Des Moines East Village music venue Wooly's added a number of shows recently. Here is a look at their new concert dates.Bluegrass bands Mr. Baber's Neighbors and the Evergreen Grass Band will co-headline a show at Wooly's on January 9....
  • Foam
    Oxygen particle foam injects into the blood
    Geobeats posted their video report on injectable oxygen to The Examiner Tuesday, April 8, 2014. The injectable oxygen particle foam was developed at Boston Children's Hospital. It is meant to be injected directly into the blood. The discovery...
  • Lego LHC
    Scale model of Large Hadron Collider made of Legos
    Sascha Mehlhase, a physicist at Denmark's Niels Bohr Institute, has created a scale replica of the Atlas particle detector out of Lego. The Large Hadron Collider recreation even includes a tiny Lego engineer that wonders the tunnels of the...
  • LotDog Music Festival
    Des Moines' East Village hosts LotDog Music Festival August 27
    Des Moines area jam band Omega Dog liked the music festival scene that they experienced over the last couple of years so much that they decided to plan their own festival here in Des Moines. Enjoying the camping and parking lot fan group mentality...
  • The four forces
    A new particle is proposed, which may remodel the Standard Model
    You’ve got to love particle physicists! Not only have these physicists found ingenious ways to ‘see’ miniscule quarks (by recording the paths they take when smashed), they also know that when the specific quark you’re...