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  • exercising
    Generational aches and pains
    There are certain aches and pains we get when we age and some are more common than others.Common aches and pains for young people in their 30sThe most common would probably be a headache. We begin to realize these types of aches in our 30’s....
  • Farrah Abraham
    ‘Teen Mom’ star Farrah Abraham’s dad admits family has had pains
    “Teen Mom” star Farrah Abraham has made some shocking statements this week, including the stories that she had been raped and beaten. She was raped after her sex tape had come out and she had been beaten as a child. In addition, she...
  • The body
    Five symptoms you should never ignore
    As we get older, we often have pains that are easy to dismiss because we have grown used to them. This is not to say many of us ignore pains when perhaps we should be concerned, but it simply means we know where a particular ache or pain is...
  • Super sleepy or superb sleeping
    Super sleepy or superb sleeping
    What's the hardest part of the day, even harder than trying to motivate yourself to get to the gym or steer clear of the chocolate frosted mini donuts in the pantry?Getting out of bed in the morning!Nothing is worse than having your alarm...
  • Benefits of hot bikram yoga
    Benefits of hot bikram yoga
    We all know that Austin can get pretty hot in the summer months and that these hot summer months are fast approaching. But, before they do, there is a place you can go to get that dripping hot, soaking wet experience, if you just can't wait...
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