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  • A good onboarding experience will reap benefits
    Characteristics of a good onboarding program
    To borrow a phrase, a good onboarding program is both high tech and high touch. A new employee should be surrounded with both physical evidence and virtual access to their new company and if possible, their new team. As stated in the previous...
  • The first few weeks of a new employee tenure are most important
    Engage your employees from day one
    Think about your first job. Was it a retail position at the mall, fast food work, or paper route? Remember the enthusiasm and the uncertainty of those first few days? How about the cool factor of the uniform, or the name tag or even the time clock...
  • Similar flight speed and accuracy of bees with (red) and without (blue) clock-shifting.
    Scientists prove bees make mental maps
    Previous theory indicated that bees oriented themselves only by noting their relative position to the Sun. New research shows that bees produce cognitive maps of the area they inhabit much like mammals do. The research was conducted led by James F...
  • "Killer Women" ABC 2014
    New Mexican SAG/AFTRA Native members invited to online casting workshop
    The “Screen Actors Guild (SAG) Foundation” has a program called the “Casting Access Project” (CAP). It brings in film & TV casting directors to hold workshops free to union members of SAG & the “American...
  • employees learning about the company
    First Days of Employment - Make Them Want To Stay!
    Would you invite people to your home without preparing? That’s what lots of us do to our employees on their first day of employment.Put yourself in their place: it’s your first day, you’re a little anxious, because you don&rsquo...
  • The elections of 2012 are upon us and poll workers must be election-ready
    The elections of 2012 are upon us and poll workers must be election-ready
    If you have been contemplating a source of income for your business, church, PTA’s or for your non profit organization to help your cause to accomplish more of your goals, then why not inquire with the Martin County Supervisor of Elections...
  • Back to school orientation
    Back to school orientation for students and parents
    Parents and students in the Richmond, Virginia area are having orientation (also called open house) at their schools this week. Students will return to public schools the day after Labor Day on Tuesday, September 6 for the 2011-2012 school year...
  • St Augustine Field Hospital Exhibit
    School Orientation Dates Announced!
    The days are passing quickly, and there's only about two and a half more weeks before school starts in Marion County. In the rush to get new clothes, school supplies, doctor's visits, and the last fun things done before that first day of...
  • The Criminal Mind
    The criminal mind - part 3
    We now come to the final section of this article on the criminal mind. As we have examined in part 1 and part 2 of our article, it comes from a story based on a bank robbery that took place in west Houston. After looking at the characteristics of...
  • resized_Books___Wikimedia_Commons__Rdsmith4.jpg
    Homeschooling orientation for Miami families tonight, August 25th, at Books & Books in Coral Gables
    The Miami-Dade homeschool support group Parents' Association for Teaching at Home (PATH) is hosting an orientation to homeschooling tonight at Books & Books in Coral Gables. This is great news for local families who have considered...
  • HouseOffRack.jpg
    Top 5 reasons NOT to buy a 'house-off-the-rack'
    Humans can adapt to most that what you plan to do?(photo by Duane Shore)Humans adapt! We adapt to our environment better than almost any living creature, and we can 'get used to' a new place in a relatively short period of time. But,...
  • signs_orientation.png
    Basic astrology: The astrological orientations
    The Orientations ~ Personal ~ Impersonal ~ TranspersonalThe orientations refer to the three stages of relationship between the individual and his environment.The first stage is the personal orientation. The initial four signs of Aries, Taurus,...
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