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  • Orangutan: Argentina grants 29-year-old orangutan human rights, free from zoo
    Orangutan: Argentina grants 29-year-old orangutan human rights, free from zoo
    An orangutan in Argentina has gained her freedom after living 20 years in a zoo in Buenos Aires. In an unprecedented case, Argentine judges ruled and signed unanimously that 29-year-old orangutan Sandra is a “non-human person” who has...
  • Oregon Zoo loses orangutan
    Oregon Zoo loses beloved orangutan Kutai
    The Oregon Zoo has lost a beloved member of the facility family. According to a Jan. 5 report, Kutai the orangutan has passed away.Kutai was 20 years old. The zoo’s head veterinarian said they have been treating the orangutan since...
  • The International Animal Rescue Saved An Enslaved Orangutan From Daily Torture
    International Animal Rescue Saves Orangutan from Torturing Villagers
    Britain's DailyMail reported recently about the case of an enslaved orangutan who was tied up and tortured on a daily basis for entertainment by a village in Borneo. The female primate was starved and denied water in between the merciless...
  • The hierarchical structure of the autobiographical knowledge base.
    Scientific first: Proof that autobiographical memory is not uniquely human
    Gema Martin-Ordas of Aarhus University in Denmark published the first evidence that chimpanzees and orangutans have autobiographical memory like humans in the July 18, 2013, issue of the journal Current Biology.Autobiographical memory in people is...
  • Miami Beach
    Dave Barry makes his readers laugh (Video)
    In his latest novel "Insane City" (G.P. Putnam, $26.99) Dave Barry makes every page a laugh fest. The fast-paced thriller races across Miami from high-priced hotels to seedy tourist attractions to strip clubs without missing a step. It&...
  • Donald Trump
    Donald Trump proves he isn't the son of an orangutan; sues Bill Maher
    Donald Trump has released a copy of his birth certificate to prove he is the son of Fred Trump, not an orangutan, when he sued Bill Maher for $5 million. According to a report by TMZ, dated Feb. 4, Donald Trump is suing Bill Maher because he didn&...
  • Peanut and Pumpkin are turning nine and you're invited to the party at Jungle Island.
    Peanut and Pumpkin Are Turning Nine, Celebrate at Jungle Island
    Happy 9th Birthday Peanut and Pumpkin! These twins are not your typical nine-year old sisters, they're orangutans that live at Jungle Island.In honor of their veryspecial day, Jungle Island is giving back. When you bring your child to...
  • Life of Pi
    Life of Pi; a journey like no other
    Life of Pi started off a little slow as the story line was created and characters were introduced but once the storm hit, it sets sail on an emotional roller coaster and an epic journey.Pi’s family owns a zoo in India. Due to political...
  • Orangutan
    Orangutans to engage in 'play dates' via wi-fi, iPads
    It's been nearly a year since the Milwaukee, Wisconsin county zoo introduced iPads to the primate building as a form of "enrichment." Successful as it has been the zoo is now going to rewire the building for wi-fi so that the...
  • Susie Bonobo
    Bonobos - The Lesser Known of the 4 Great Apes
    Gorillas, Orangutans, Chimpanzees and Bonobos are called the 4 Great Apes. Frans De Waal called bonobos The Forgotten Ape in his beautifully written and photographed book. It’s debatable whether they were forgotten or just that they had not...
  • This undated photo shows Duchess, a Bornean orangutan, who celebrated her 50th birthday on Sat.
    Duchess the Orangutan turns 50 at Phoenix Zoo
    Duchess the Orangutan turns 50 at Phoenix Zoo Over the weekend, Duchess the Orangutan, who lives inside the Phoenix Zoo, turned 50—living 10 years beyond what her life expectancy would be in the wild. Duchess was given gifts, an ice cake...
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