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  • School close in wake of Ebola scare
    Five schools close in wake of Ebola scare
    Two schools in Ohio and three in Texas have closed their doors while the schools are disinfected against the Ebola virus, reports the Washington Post on Oct. 16. While all schools admit that they are considered low-risk, they opted to exercise...
  • Single Family Rentals With annual gross rental yields of 10 percent or more
    Single Family Rentals with annual gross rental yield of 10 percent or more
    RealtyTrac identified 16 counties as safe havens for single family rental investing.The top five safe haven markets were Clark County, Ohioin the Springfield metro area (14.17 percent annual gross rental yield), Pottawatomie County, Okla., in the...
  • Teen chokes then throws cat for eating dog food
    Cleveland teen posts video choking, throwing cat
    A Cleveland teen who posted a disturbing video on Facebook is being investigated by the Cleveland Animal Protective League (APL) and the Cleveland Police Department, according to WKYCon Monday.The video shows the teen holding a small black cat by...
  • GOP and Gay Marriage
    GOP attitudes toward gay marriage evolving
    There was no gnashing of teeth, no dire warnings of divine retribution. As a matter of fact, there was not even a hint of disapproval from the leaders of the Ohio GOP when earlier this week, the U.S. Supreme Court upheld lower court rulings that...
  • Wet Tuesday
    Wet Tuesday ahead
    A strong storm system responsible for a major severe weather outbreak across the Mississippi River Valley will bring heavy thunderstorms into the Tri-State tonight.Out ahead of the rain, a very warm and somewhat humid air mass has been drawn up...
  • "Cold Justice" S2E16
    TNT 'Cold Justice' 1991 murder of 17 year old teen 'Other side of the tracks'
    “Cold Justice” (TNT) is a reality TV docu-drama that has been picked up for a 3rd TV season beginning early 2015. The summer TV ratings of 2014 have averaged 2.3 million TV viewers overall. It has jumped 24% above the recent January...
  • Summer feeding participation needs to improve in Ohio and nationally
    Hunger in Ohio: an update
    Ohio's rate of hunger is 16 percent according to the U.S. Dept. of Agriculture's latest study. These are families and individuals that struggle to buy food. Their nutrition levels are reduced because they cannot purchase the best foods.If...
  • Lorain County
    UFO allegedly spotted in Lorain County, Ohio and video recorded (VIDEO)
    Lorain, Ohio seems to be a magnet for UFOs or people who think they have seen unidentified flying objects. According to ABC on Friday, another person believes he has seen a UFO this past week on Tuesday at 5:30 a.m. The man who believes he saw an...
  • Saturday
    Saturday weather turnaround
    You may be sitting at work (or anywhere inside) today thinking “boy I hope this weather gets better for the weekend.” Well there is some good news, but not great news.A wave of low pressure is riding a frontal boundary draped across...
  • Put-In-Bay, Ohio
    Put-in-Bay, Ohio the Perfect Island Destination for a Fall Trip
    The end of summer is a peculiar thing. Those favoring eternal sunshine and an endless supply of sunscreen may be languishing a bit while the pumpkin patch frequenting folks relish in the changing of seasons, welcome the thought of wearing flannel...
  • Failed Former Mayor R. T. Rybak
    The 10 American cities with the highest rape rates
    According to official government crimedata from 2012, the following cities have the highest rates of rape in the United States:(Two states - Ohio and Oklahoma - have multiple cities on the list.)
  • Saturday night
    First major fall chill
    A very strong cold front and storm system impacted the Tri-State on Friday bringing windy conditions and periods of showers. Behind that front, temperatures have dropped into the 40s and we are struggling to hit 50 degrees this afternoon! In...
  • Can you identify this woman?
    Can you identify this woman?
    According to the Facebook page MNM Missing & Murdered, officials are attempting to identify the woman know only as "Pearl Lady."On November 29, 2006 around 1:00 p.m., she was found floating in the Ohio River in the area of 300 Three...
  • Scooter Rally in Columbus - Scoot-a-que 17
    Scooter Rally in Columbus - Scoot-a-que 17
    One of the Midwest’s largest rallies happened on September 19-21 and true to it’s nature, it entertained, enthralled and excited the many attendees. Scoot-a-cue is hosted by the Columbus Cutters, and they go...
  • Thursday
    Thinking warm thoughts this week
    All of this cool weather may have you wishing for one last glimpse of the warm season. If it does, you are in luck! Our weather is going to return to a warmer pattern after this recent brief cool down.Sprawling high pressure continues to bring...