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  • Independent Thought
    The Century of Dehumanization: '1984' by George Orwell
    There are many definitions of humanity different to each person, group, or belief that separate us accordingly. In George Orwell’s 1984, what it means to be human is brought to life in various scenarios through different personalities....
  • Classic books of the 20th century that have been banned or challenged
    Classic books of the 20th century that have been banned or challenged
    Banned Book Week is observed the last week of September each year. Each year the American Library Association (ALA) Office for Intellectual Freedom(OIF) compiles a list of challenged books as reported in the media and submitted to to the ALA by...
  • Joe Biden
    Some animals are more equal than others
    “A ruling class has got to have a strict morality, a quasi-religious belief in itself, a mystique,” George Orwell wrote on one of his favorite topics: the mystique of leadership.The import of this passage, and the many others that...
  • Free Speech video: Saying 'illegal' immigrants fits definition of a hate crime
    In yet another case of Orwellian political correctness run amok, a video posted at says calling illegal immigrants "illegal" fits the definition of a hate crime and calls for the word to be banned when used in the context of...
  • Hunger Games Song Track Cover
    Tweens Hungry for More at Opening ‘Games’
    The crowd at Quailsprings Mall in Edmond was teaming with loud, excited, and completely captivated teenagers at the opening of the Hunger Games movie at 12:01 AM Friday morning. Screaming filled the theater with every bat of an eyelash from either...
  • CCTV Camera
    Government tracking leads to Revelation 13 alert
    Big Brother is alive and well! If you are a true Evangelical Christian, then you probably knew that. Big Brother, a term from the 1947 book written by George Orwell that he titled"1984"has taken big strides since that book was published....
  • Packed house at Bailey Hall, taken by Keith on stage
    Welcome the Orwellian Cornellian
    So, George Orwell believed that there existedideas and situations that were destructive to a free society. Propaganda, lies, and fear-mongering all play a part, along with revising history to supportfaulty logic for the purposeof supporting one&...
  • banned
    Political Correctness is destroying America
    Politcal correctness - the idea of subsituting certain words or thoughts with others deemed to be "acceptable" - is destroying America.The phrase has been in existence for many years. A Wikipedia entry notesan early usage of the term in...
  • goldstein
    Liberal elites view average Americans with contempt
    One thing has become increasingly clear in the last few weeks - Hard-core liberal elitists do not like average Americans.They don't just disagree with us. They don't just take issue with positions average Americans hold.They hate us...
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