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  • Ovarian cancer by age groups
    What is ovarian cancer? Why is ovarian cancer known as a silent killer?
    What is ovarian cancer?Ovarian cancer is a malignant evolution of cells that grow in the tissues of the ovary; the reproductive glands in which the ova, or eggs, are formed. Most ovarian cancerous tumors are either ovarian epithelial carcinomas ...
  • Needle
    Vaginal organs, grown in labs, successfully implanted in girls
    Vaginas and vaginal organs are now being grown in laboratories. They are being implanted in girls that were born with a rare genetic disorder. According to a report on Friday, April 11, from Engadget, this was the very first time that laboratory...
  • The symbol for hearts has become popular in pop-culture and in many items of fashion. However, actual hearts look completely different from the heart symbol!
    What your organs do
    The human body is an amazing thing that is made up of many parts such as muscles and bones and organs. Organs are actually some of the most important parts of our bodies and all of them must be working correctly in order for us to be considered...
  • Death row inmate wants to donate his organs
    Death row inmate wants to donate his organs: Request denied
    According to the Huffington Post on Nov. 11, a death row inmate scheduled to be executed this week wants to donate his organs to help his ailing mother who had a kidney disease and is on dialysis and to his sister who has a heart condition.CBS...
  • Bioprinting
    Vaccines and miniature bodies
    Wake Forrest Baptist Institute for Regenerative Medicine is set to begin the ‘body on chip’ project with a goal to replicate human cells and have them function on a small scale the jobs of human organs. Including the heart, liver,...
  • The economy of human organs and transplants
    The economy of human organs and transplants
    On July 14, former Congressman Ron Paul provided a fresh and unique opinion on the recent legal battle last month where the courts ruled that a child could receive an adult organ transplant for a life saving operation. In his remarks, Paul...
  • A woman who was pronounced dead is wheeled into surgery for organ harvesting
    "Dead" woman wakes up as she is wheeled into surgery for organ donation
    St. Joseph’s Hospital Health Centre staff had the shock of their life when a woman declared dead woke up as her organs were to be harvested.According to the Post Standard, the Syracuse woman was clinically dead, according to medical staff,...
  • Mary Sue McClurkin
    Oops! Alabama GOP lawmaker claims a baby is the 'largest organ in the body'
    When you're pushing for a bill that would essentially outlaw all abortions, the last thing you want to do is undermine your own argument.That's exactly what Alabama Republican Mary Sue McClurkin did on Thursday when she called an unborn...
  • Organ Donation World Chart
    Bones For Sale!
    Today you can get everything from compact discs to nucleur weapons in the "Black Market". Did you know within that realm you can also buy organs? Have you ever wondered how people needing organ donations are chosen? Probably not, unless...
  • Christina Taylor Green, organs donated
    Arizona shooting: Christina Green’s organs donated
    Arizona shooting: Christina Green’s organs donated News on all of the San Francisco news stations is that in the Arizona shooting tragedy, young Christina Taylor Green, aged 9, has helped to save the life of another little girl. Christina...
  • Hemochromatosis is a common genetic disorder with little public awareness.
    Most of us have heard of anemia, or having low levels of iron in your blood, but if you are like me, you have rarely ever heard of Hemochromatosis. Hemochromatosis is an extremely common genetic blood disorder that is the polar opposite of anemia....
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