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  • Refrigerator Cleaning and Organizing
    Refrigerator Cleaning and Organizing
    Having a clean and organized refrigerator can help save you time when planning what to eat for meals and money on groceries. Here are some suggestions that might help you to save time and money.Start organizing your refrigerator by removing all of...
  • Loyalty card apps – declutter your wallet or key ring
    Loyalty card apps – declutter your wallet or key ring
    It seems every store, restaurant and service has a loyalty card these days. If you sign up for several, your key ring can look like a mess and sometimes has more cards than keys. Or your 'Costanza' wallet is exploding with cards. Time to...
  • Everyone has a messy kitchen drawer
    Choosing your space
    Once you’ve created your vision for your decluttered space, the next step is to decide what space to declutter first.If you’re dealing with a lot of clutter, you’re probably feeling overwhelmed. People often tell me they just don...
  • Decluttered room
    Creating a decluttering vision
    When it’s time to declutter and get organized, is your first inclination to go to the Container Store or Target and buy organizing solutions? I understand that inclination. Buying that stuff can be really fun. Creating a vision is a great...
  • Organizing from the Inside Out with Julie Morgenstern
    Organizing from the Inside Out with Julie Morgenstern
    This 80 minute, year 2000, PBS movie can help preppers to get better organized. In the movie, Julie Morgenstern says that organizational expertise is a skill that can be learned. Since this skill is not taught in schools, not having this skill is...
  • School Supplies
    School Supplies Organized
    Now that we're heading into August, I''m sure many of you are getting school supply lists in the mail and seeing countless commercials for everything from pencils to calculators. Organize your supplies now so you can enjoy the last few...
  • Organized kithen
    Easy tips for iome Improvement: Be kind to your space
    Easy Tips for Home Improvement: Be kind to your spaceMost home improvement projects cannot begin until we de-clutter and deal with the fact that we probably have too much stuff. Home improvement projects are designed to improve the quality of our...
  • Efficiency kitchen
    Seven Myths of Organized People
    People who struggle with organizing often believe that organized folks are much more on top of things than they actually are. Maintaining an orderly and clutter-free space seems like an impossible task that mere mortals can't accomplish.So,...
  • The blessings and curses of being organized
    The blessings and curses of being organized
    In the Biblical Counseling course at The Way of Life Bible Institute in Richmond, Virginia the discussion was about the blessings and curses of being organized.One student asked:"How can there be both blessings and curses associated with...
  • Sidetracked Home Executive, From Pigpen to Paradise
    Clear the Clutter with Sidetracked Home Executives
    When your idea of a nice shirt is the single t-shirt in your drawer without a stain and you consider a “good” morning one in which your kids made it to school LESS late, you may need to check in with Pam and Peggy as they take you on...
  • Simpleution
    Get simple before you get old
    If you don’t want to be a burden on family or friends when you get old, simplify now! One of the most difficult challenges adult children face is making decisions about what to do with their parent’s “stuff” when they pass...
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