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  • Aluminum
    Metals investing: Zinc, aluminum and nickel make good plays
    Zinc, aluminum and nickel have become a profitable play for investors who have taken a net long position in base metals as supply would dip in the near future, several analysts noted.Robin Bhar, Societe Generale research head, said bargain hunters...
  • Your iPad may trigger itchy rash
    Itchy rash? It may be caused by your iPad
    A new study published Monday in the journal Pediatrics reports that electronic devices, including iPads, can trigger a nasty, itchy skin rash in vulnerable people.Researchers involved in the study wrote about the importance of considering any...
  • Allergic reaction from nickel
    Allergy from nickel in iPad causes mystery rash on young boy
    After six months of suffering from a strange rash, an unnamed 11-year-old boy’s case is bringing to light a bigger concern for parents who allow their children to play on their electronic devices. The Wall Street Journal reported Monday,...
  • Cheaper Penny and Nickel
    Cheaper penny and nickel? Lincoln and Jefferson may get a cheap face lift
    A cheaper penny and nickel appears to be a plan of penny-pinching President Obama, who floated the idea Tuesday of using alternative metals to make penny and nickel coins.According a Reuters report as carried by MSN Money yesterday, the cost of...
  • The state of today's monetary unit
    Our 2 cent penny: what happened?
    With the recent revelation that the United States government is charging taxpayers 2 cents to mint each penny, some people are wondering what happened. How in the world did anyone find that acceptable?Continuing with the series of articles on the ...
  • Dollar coins
    U.S. Mint proposes elimination of dollar bills
    If the U.S. Mint has its way, the dollar bill could become a highly sought- after item for numismatists and other collectors.In an effort to savetaxpayer money, the U.S. Mint proposed, earlier today, the elimination of dollar bills. Other, higher...
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