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  • "One the Case" S01E12ID
    INVESTIGATION DISCOVERY 1986 were 2 men railroaded by corrupt prosecutor?
    "On the Case with Paula Zahn" can be seen on the "Investigation Discovery (ID) channel. Check your cable TV listings for show times. The episode called, "Newlywed Murders" aired on Jan. 10, 2010. This was the 12th episode...
  • Husband in coma awakes: Newlywed refused to take husband off life support
    Husband in coma awakes: Newlywed refused to take husband off life support
    A husband in a coma awakes after his newlywed wife fought against the advice of doctors and instead of pulling the plug, took her husband home. Danielle Davis shares her husband’s story and how he came out of his coma against all odds on her...
  • Glacier National Park
    Montana newlywed sentenced to 30 years for husband’s murder
    Jordan Graham, the 22-year-old bride from Montana that pushed her newlywed husband off a cliff, received a prison sentence of 30 years on Thursday as reported via Reuters.Eight days of marriage wasn’t enough to convince Jordan Graham to stay...
  • pregnancy
    Building a family from scratch
    You've been married for over a year now and people won't stop bugging you with baby talk. People seem to automatically assume that once you are married, it's time to start a family full steam ahead. No one ever seems to take the time...
  • Kerry Washington the God chaser
    Kerry Washington is serious about her relationship with God
    There are certain things that Kerry Washington is very serious about. The actress, newlywed, and star of the hit television show, Scandal does not parade her marriage in the media, and she is very serious about her relationship with God.Washington...
  • Newlywed Couple
    Newlyweds find Dallas to be one of the best places to live
    Dallas was chosen as one of the best cities for newlyweds by They come out with a new list every year and this year we were included.What were the factors they considered?Several elements were part of the data used. The factors taken...
  • Until Death Do Us Part
    Until death do us part: What every newlywed needs right away
    Marriage is a beautiful partnership. A good solid marriage takes dedication, hard work, patience, love, laughter, understanding, empathy, and security. There are so many news things you will discover once you are married. Maybe you’re...
  • Mohammed Ahmed
    Man arrested for 'soliciting prostitute' on honeymoon
    You’ve heard the expression “the honeymoon is over.” For recent newlywed Mohammed Ahmed, the honeymoon was over before it started. TheDaily Mailreports that the 21-year-old Illinois man was arrested Tuesday for soliciting a...
    Dallas is one of the top ten cities for newlyweds according to
    According to, Dallas, TX makes the list due to an abundance of things to do and low rents for young families. The heartland of Texas pulls at the heartstrings of many newlyweds looking for a friendly town with lots of opportunity to both...
  • USS Bainbridge
    Surviving as new Navy wife in Norfolk as USS Bainbridge deploys
    Christine*, a new Navy spouse, sent in this email:"I moved to Norfolk two months ago as a new Navy wife. I’m having a very hard time trying to feel happy here. How do I do it? How do I learn to live this life? I’ve never been away...
  • resized_floorplan.JPG
    To Buy or To Build - The Builders Side
    Building a house is very exciting, especially when you get to see it go from mud and sticks and rocks to an actual house, but it also takes a lot of time and waiting. It can also be stressful - there are a lot of meetings with contractors, the...
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