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  • The Drudge Report spotlights NYT's hypocrisy in equal pay and panic over digital failures
    Drudge Report focuses on NYT: Abramson, equal pay war and digital journalism
    The Drudge Report is throwing the full weight of a continuing banner focus on the changes at the New York Times (NYT). It began late on Wednesday with the announcement that female executive editor, Jill Abramson, was no longer employed at the NYT....
  • Oprah Winfrey
    NYT's Charles Blow is misinformed about disrespect, race, and Obama
    The internet needs one of those signs that used to appear outside factories that read, “This plant has gone [blank] days without an accident.” In the case of the web, the sign would read, “The internets have gone [blank] days...
  • Michael Jackson Laid To Rest
    Fame and fortune could lead to early death
    Fame and fortune may sound like a good thing but performance careers may cut your life shortBased on the premiss that an obituary in The New York Times (NYT) tends to imply success in one’s vocation, Australian researchers examined the...
  • NYT "journalist" Nicholas Kristoff
    The MSM’s relentless piling on over Romney Libya remarks
    Here is a litmus test you can use to determine the source of a possibly offensive comment that has gained traction in the press. If stories expressing outrage are still being written nearly a week after the comment was made, the speaker was a...
  • FOX News logo
    Are FOX only viewers really that uninformed?
    It annoys me to no end when I see people get giddy over polls that come outand verify one way or another some long held belief that you already hadto begin with. Case in point, the new Fairleigh University studythat suggests that FOX news only...
  • Sexy chicken now has a tweet stream
    Sexy chicken now has a tweet stream
    This all-too-sexy chicken started a trend on Twitter thanks to the racy pose photographer Tony Cenicola chose to accompany a New York Times story Tuesday. The topic? A growing fascination among young, popular chefs with crackly, tasty, greasy,...
  • Brit Hume Fox News Senior Political Analyst
    Brit Hume: Liberals spin union benefits - GOP has Wisconsin high card
    "Public employee unions , and the large benefits that they have succeeded in winning for their members, have become unpopular and they are in bad odor with the public," today, said Fox News analyst, Brit Hume, speaking to Bill O'...
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