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  • email questions
    Questions from readers about Dallas nudist culture
    "An expert knows all the answers - if you ask the right questions."- Levi StraussFrom time to time readers email questions about some of the things discussed here at Dallas Nudist Culture Examiner. A writer always appreciates questions,...
  • Naked Painting Party
    New York’s naked painting party is hitting the road to Mexico
    New York’s annual Spring Naked Painting Party hosted by Social Exposure was a huge success last month and the social gathering where naked folk assemble to paint each other is hitting the road, planning an international naked painting...
  • World Naked Gardening Day:  Trim Your Bushes in the Buff
    World Naked Gardening Day: Get your green thumb on in the nude
    If you celebrated No Pants Day, chances are pretty good you're going to love this holiday! It's World Naked Gardening Day (WNGD), an annual "holiday" observed around the world on the first Saturday in May. This year's event...
  • Public nudity ban in Castro District of San Francisco
    Public nudity ban causes outrage in San Francisco nudists
    A public nudity ban proposed by a city official has many in the Castro District of San Francisco outraged. The attempt to strip the gay and lesbian population of their right to strut around without clothing is part of a two-year battle over free...
  • San Francisco could ban public nudity, cites rise in inappropriate conduct
    San Francisco could ban public nudity, cites rise in inappropriate conduct
    "Put some clothes on!"That is the message from a city supervisor who wants to ban public nudity at the main public plaza in San Francisco's Castro District, which is is known as a gathering spot for nudists, attracting locals and...
  • Bird & Chair
    Nudists become weekend warriors for R&R
    Whether they consciously do it or not, social nudists typically separate themselves into two categories: weekend warriors and full time. Whether due to family obligations, workloads, or just a need to segregate their lifestyles, neither choice is...
  • Happy Nude Beach Day
    Happy Nude Beach Day - Let it all hang out!
    If you enjoy letting it all hang out, today may just be your lucky day! It’s Nude Beach Day! This annual event is celebrated every January 22nd to commemorate America’s first nude beach, which opened back in 1952, according to American...
  • Kid
    Funny Photo: This is why you don't let kids wander around at nude parades
    In this day and age, there seems to be an unlimited number of things that parents must keep their children safe from-- evil clowns, teaching evolution in schools, red dye #4 (or was it #40? Guess we'll find out when lil' Johnny sprouts a...
  • coaster.jpg
    What do you call 100 naked Brits on a roller coaster?
    Naked, sweaty and most likely stuck to the vinyl seats (AP)While there may be a certain amount of amusement that usually accompanies being naked, nudity in an amusement park isn’t normally one such situation. I’m pretty sure stripping...
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