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  • STEM solutions to unemployment
    STEM solutions to unemployment
    Most people think of Einstein and DIfficult Subject MAtter Learning (what I will call DISMAL) when they hear the four letter word: STEM. But when you take it apart, STEM is practically every job you can think of, including jobs that support the...
  • NSF cancels Antarctica program
    NSF cancels entire U.S. Antarctic research program
    According to Fox News on Tuesday,the National Science Foundation announced it was canceling the U.S. Antarctic research programfor this year because of the ongoing government shutdown.More than 10 years of planning, $10 million of government...
  • Fall in Love With NSF
    Fall in Love with: NSF
    The term “classically cool” may sound like an oxymoron, but it’s that exact design approach that has grabbed the attention of fashionistas and taste-makers everywhere. Founded by Los Angeles based designer Nick Freidberg, NSF...
  • 100612 - NSF Flyer
    NSF Pro Wrestling returns to Temple this Saturday night
    New School Federation (NSF) Pro Wrestling is back in action this Saturday night, as they invade The Field House Gym in Temple.The Kings of the Underground (Ryan Genesis and "The Underground Icon" Scot Summers) have been at war with Team...
  • Judge's Corner
    Know the consequences of writing bad checks
    Over the last few weeks there has been a slight uptick in the number of cases prosecuted in local courts for bad checks.For this week's Judge's Corner, Baker City Judge and Fallon County Justice of the Peace Nicole Brown addressed the...
  • UAB Obelisk
    Alabama universities receive million dollar math education grants
    The University of Alabama at Birmingham and the University of South Alabama were both recipients of multimillion dollar grants from the National Science Foundation on August 2, 2011, that will develop mathematics education and math teacher...
  • Tornado
    A look at how tornadoes are studied
    In light of the recent storms, it is a good time to find out how science looks at tornadoes.Dr. Katja Friedrich (Assistant Professor at CU-Boulder's Department of Amospheric and Oceanic Sciences) and Brian M. Argrow (CU Associate Dean for...
  • Aerial view of Wallace Community College
    Alabama community college receives nuclear education grant from NSF
    The National Science Foundation announced a Nuclear Education Using Advanced Training, Resources, Opportunities and New Simulations award of $200,000 per year for three years to George C. Wallace Community College in Dothan Alabama on May 16, 2011...
  • "Old Main" on the Auburn campus in 1883
    Auburn gets million dollar nanotech grant
    Mark E. Byrne, Professor of Chemical Engineering at Auburn University, was awarded a $300,000 three year grant by the National Science Foundation to develop micro/nano-structured materials for therapeutic devices on February 16, 2011Abstract at...
  • BP Oil Spill
    Is the taxpayer paying for oil spill documentary?
    This is a worthy project and will probably be as unbiased and scholarly a documentation concerning the BP Oil Spill that we will see.However, the question is should taxpayer funds pay for this or should BP pay for this?Charles R. Fisher at...
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