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  • Dr. Sean Orr
    Dr. Sean Orr Explains How Entrepreneurs Can Prepare for the NeuroEconomy
    Neurologist, Dr. Sean Orr, focuses on brain enhancement for optimal performance in the current financial culture he’s coined the NeuroEconomy.During most of our history, the ability to earn a living was determined by physical labor, a...
  • Dr. Fotuhi demonstrating the exercise physiology portion of his program
    Baltimore Neurologist develops program to improve memory in seniors
    Dr. Majid Fotuhi, M.D., Ph.D., a neurologist in Baltimore MD, had a revelation in 2010 when he realized something could be done to improve an individual’s memory especially with seniors. In essence what he has developed is “Peak brain...
  • "Assurance" paper panties for women
    The ‘going’ problem of women with bladder incontinence
    There is an ad on TV selling women on the idea of a drug used to help prevent or to lessen the episodes of bladder leakage. It is quite humorous showing a bunch of ladies made from various pipes. However, there is nothing funny about not being...
  • Lewy Bodies Vs. Alzheimer's Dementia
    Lewy Bodies Vs. Alzheimer's Dementia
    For many family members, the difference between Lewy Bodies dementia and other dementia diseases, such as Alzheimer's is not important. All that matters is that the loved one is suffering, the relationship is being altered daily and for...
  • What does FIbromyalgia really mean?
    Could Those Mystery Symptoms be Fibromyalgia?
    We all have aches and pains. We all suffer from bouts of fatigue and irritability. We all have those “off days” where it’s difficult to concentrate, remember things, and follow conversations. So, how can you know if you’re...
  • National Health News
    Alzheimer’s and dementia mean caregiver stress for 15 million
    With a newly released report from the Alzheimer’s Association showing that nearly 15 million caregivers are providing 17 billion hours of unpaid care, this will ultimately translate into caregiver stress. The findings indicate "that...
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