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  • steel_bar_car
    The asphalt magic show
    Prestidigitation enthusiasts, you know how much fun it is making something appear from nothing. Magicians routinely use slight of hand and visual distraction in this manner. They also make things seemingly to disappear, that "s" word...
  • kz_1100
    Smart riding starts with a parked motorcycle
    Riding smart begins well before the bike comes off the stand. Riders may have varying opinions on safety gear, but one thing that is constant between all riders and all bikes is preparation; this includes the pre-ride inspection or check. Often...
  • MSF Riding Tips Mobile App
    A mobile app no new rider can do without
    Ever wanted an easy way to become a better rider? Then the Dr. Jones Motorcycle Riding Tips mobile app is for you. As long you have iTunes connected to your iPhone or iPad, you can download this app for just $1.99 and have access to basic, low...
  • NYC Sport Rider
    Respect the law: Ride your bike legally
    Lastyear in New York City the NYPD was really cracking down on people who rode sportbikes. They set up road blocks on the Major Deegan, FDR drive, Cross Bronx expressway and even used rolling road blocks to pull bikers over. You didn’t have...
  • MSFERCpic.jpg
    Do you need an Experienced Rider Course?
    Improve Your Skills Having recently coached anMSF ERC (Motorcycle Safety Foundation's Experienced Rider Course)and having shared my thoughts with severalrider coach's, I startedexamining the pro's and cons of the course itself. It isgeared to...
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