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  • 'Belle' best movie
    2014: Year in review
    It’s been quite a year for movies though perhaps not as exciting as last year with its tight – and interesting – Oscar race. However, there have been several wonderful movies to come from Hollywood in 2014. Let’s look back...
  • Surface
    Movie review: Surface
    A young boy finds a strange juvenile creature in the ocean and brings it home quickly realizing he has discovered a new species. At the same time a marine biologist discovers the adult version of the same creature.Lake Bell (Laura), Jay Ferguson ...
  • Birdman
    'Birdman' soars with Florida Film Critics Circle
    After anomination phasewhich saw "Birdman"lead the way with eight nominations, the final votes are in for the 2014 Florida Film Critics Circle Awards. Alejandro González Iñárritu’s showbiz satire walked away with the top honors of...
  • Temporal Anomalies Imaged
    Temporal Anomalies index 2009
    As explained in the previous Temporal Anomalies Classics, the useful and oft-linked index to the years of Examiner articles is no longer available. This is the first of a series of indexing articles, each expected to cover articles in series begun...
  • 'Chaplin' is quite good
    'Chaplin' is quite good
    The real life stories of early stars of the silver screen are rich sources of for books and movies that shed light on the growth of the movie industry. Recently, Peter Ackroyd published Charlie Chaplin: A Brief Life about the life of silent film...
  • The Interview movie poster
    Movie theaters, not Sony, should take blame for 'The Interview' cancellation
    By now most of us know that the terrorist "have won." Sony Pictures did what the GOP (Guardians of Peace) demanded and it has cancelled the opening of the Seth Rogen and James Franco comedy "The Interview" from premiering on...
  • The Ten Commandments
    The National Movie Examiner's Top 10 Movies of 2014
    As I write this the month of December has just started and Wal-Mart Black Friday shoppers are still nursing last weekend's battle wounds. To whom I feel the need to tangentially say… take comfort retail guerrillas, a good-sized...
  • Theatrical Releases (2014-12-19)
    ‘Annie’ enchants, ‘Comet’ confuses and ‘Museum’ lacks inspiration
    Among the new movies that were released Friday, Dec. 19 are a cinematic update of a classic musical, a romantic dramedy starring Justin Long and Emmy Rossum and the final installment in the “Night at the Museum” trilogy.‘Annie...
  • Annie pic4
    Review: Delightfully Hip 'Annie' starring Quvenzhane Wallis and Jamie Foxx
    Only the hard-knock-hearted can walk out of Annie without a smile on their face and a song in their head. Let's be honest; the original Annie musical about the perky and feisty red-headed orphan has long since worn out its welcome; reduced to...
  • The headquarters of Sony Pictures
    An open letter to the Sony Pictures cyberterrorists, use your power for good
    Well, Sony hackers, whomever you are, now that you run Hollywood, I have a few requests. After all, if you can stop major Hollywood studies from releasing comedies that offend the dear leader of North Korea, you can do just about anything to...
  • Reese showcases depth in 'Wild'
    Reese showcases depth in 'Wild'
    A single Oscar nomination or win is a sign of acceptance into a large acting echelon. But more critical than that is a second one. This second acknowledgement is a testament to the talent of the actor. Many skilled and beloved actors have only...
  • "Annie"
    Movie review: 'Annie' a faithful and surprisingly funny remake of a classic
    This may very well be my last movie review, once my peers discover that I absolutely loved the most unexpected of films, the new re-make of the musical Annie (opening today). Yes, pull my critic card, call me names, bring up the fact that I also...
  • "Night at the Museum: Secret of the Tomb"
    Review: 'Night at the Museum: Secret of the Tomb' brings end to tedious trilogy
    The best you can ask for in a so-called "family" film is for your children to be entertained and for adults not to want to shoot themselves in the face. Bonus points, if the film contains some nice life-lessons that may inspire the young...
  • Foxcatcher.
    Movie review: 'Foxcatcher' wrestles with a real-life tragedy
    You will hardly be able to recognize Steve Carell in Foxcatcher (opening today). Wearing a prosthetic nose and make-up, he plays real-life millionaire John du Pont to great affect, blazing new ground for this established comedian as this film is...
  • 6 best horror films of 2014
    6 best horror films of 2014
    2014 has been one of the stronger years in recent memory for cinema, and the horror genre was well represented. Here's our list of the 6 essential scary films of the year that are a must see for horror fans.