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  • Istanbul, Turkey named number 1 on Top 25 world destinations list
    Istanbul, Turkey named number 1 on Top 25 world destinations list
    Trip Advisor’s Top 25 World Destinations list has been released. All 25 destinations will be explored in this series of articles to assist travelers in selecting the perfect destination for this year’s vacation. Before deciding on any...
  • 5 Kooky mosques around the world
    5 Kooky mosques around the world
    Take a look at some of the most interesting places that Muslims worship God. The featured mosques, or masajid, showcase the design and aesthetics of each country and location in which they are found.Comment to let us know which is your favorite &...
  • Islamic Society of Boston
    Obama Forbids FBI from Monitoring Mosques
    In October of 2011, the FBI lost their ability to monitor mosques, thanks to intervention by the Obama administration, who set up a special board that must approve surveillance requests. The board is attached to the Eric Holder Department of...
  • Local Muslim communities announce Ramadan iftar meals
    Local Muslim communities announce Ramadan iftar meals
    Several local Muslim communities have announced open houses and iftar meals that are open to the public. During the month of Ramadan, which began on July 10, Muslims will fast from sunup to sundown, neither eating nor drinking. The custom is to...
  • obama
    FBI honcho clueless, mosques still off limits in Obama data sweep
    In the latest scandal to rock the Obama White House, the Director of the FBI doesn't even know the basics of the investigation into the IRS targeting centrist and right-of-center grass roots organizations, and to make matters worse, amid the...
  • No Mosque Here poster
    Pew forum cites 53 US mosque projects met with resistance
    Last Thursday, Mother Jones published an article entitled "Americans Really Don't Like Mosques, which may carry some truth according to a recent Pew Forum report.The report cites 53 projects, that is, mosques or Islamic Centers, that were...
  • Bin Laden
    Saudi Arabia - the most dangerous nation on earth in terms of religious ideology
    Wahhabism is the official state religion in Saudi Arabia and the dominant form of Islam in Saudi Arabia and the Middle East.Wahhabism is a centralist religious movement or a branchof Islam - if you can call it that. It also spawned the likes of...
  • Vote Button
    Elections 2011: Islamic Center executive board
    Nominations for at least five executive board positions are now open for the Islamic Center of Ann Arbor (MCA) and will end on Wednesday (Oct 26th).Potential voters will need to be registered members of the MCA and should attend the general body...
  • Separation of church grace from state law
    Separation of church grace from state law
    In San Francisco today there are many synagogues and mosques, but the number of churches far out-number them. Then there are many, many more secular groups -- opposed to all church, synagogue, or mosque beliefs. What does this show us? That the...
  • Mosque Bombing
    Mosque killings in Afghanistan condemned by U.S. led coalition
    International Security Assistance Force commanderscondemned yesterday's brutal attack by insurgents at a mosque in Afghanistan that killed 12, including the governor of Kunduz, and wounded 18 others, U.S. military officials reported.Initial...
  • Ground Zero Mosque Protest
    What on earth are they teaching our kids?
    What on earth are they teaching our kids in the government-run public school system?The answer is, 'Not much.'Several generations of America's children have gone through 12 grades without knowing a thing about the Constitution, the...
  • resized_GYI0061331902.jpg
    A Respectful Plea FOR the Ground Zero Mosque
    I would like to thank fellow Examiner Curtis Kalin for inspiring me to write this article in favor of the Cordoba House, the Islamic center and prayer space proposed to be built two block from Ground Zero. The analogy has been made that building...
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