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  • Reflection of heroes
    A monument ,next to the Essex County Newark Municipal Court, honors firemen
    They fight the blaze and endure the smoke to save a human life, even at the risk of putting themselves in peril without thinking twice. For all the sacrifices that they make, firefighters are remembered in Newark. There is a memorial, next to the...
  • IPhone monument torn down in Russia to combat ‘gay propaganda’
    IPhone monument torn down in Russia to combat ‘gay propaganda’
    A memorial to Apple founder Steve Jobs has been dismantled in St Petersburg, Russia, because his successor, Tim Cook, recently came out as being gay. The monument in the shape of an iPhone is over six feet tall. It features an interactive screen...
  • Upper Palmer Lake Reservoir
    Winter Hiking: Palmer Lake Reservoirs in Monument
    The trail to the Palmer Lake Reservoirs is quite popular and there's a good reason -- you get to see two scenic lakes in a hike of just three miles roundtrip.The trail is in the foothills, about 3.7 miles from I-25 (directions below). There is...
  • Monument
    The Seldoms dig up an oldie but a goodie
 Monument.What do these words have to do with dance?
Artistic Director of The Seldoms, Carrie Hanson will tell you. In 2008 she created her first issue based work,...
  • Chance to comment on proposals for new memorials in Washington
    Chance to comment on proposals for new memorials in Washington
    The National Capital Memorial Advisory Commission will consider a full agenda of plans at its upcoming meeting. The commission has slated its next meeting for 1 p.m. EST, Tuesday, July 23 at the National Building Museum, Room 312, 401 F Street NW,...
  • Representing the Atheist cause
    Psalm 37: When God laughs!
    In Late June, the American Atheist group unveiled their own monument of unbelief in God next to a representation of the Ten Commandments a tribute to God outside of a Starke, Florida courthouse. This ‘new’ tactic of putting their own...
  • Bill would set roadblocks to national monument designations
    Bill would set roadblocks to national monument designations
    It would be harder to name national monuments if a new bill passes. Rep. Devin Nunes (R-CA) introduced the National Monument Designation Transparency and Accountability Act (H.R. 2192), which would strip the president of unbridled authority to...
  • New Orleans Riverfront
    The Fabulous New Orleans Riverfront faces a Monumental Change
    Developers and local tourism leaders have came up with different suggestions for what should be done with the now demolished World Trade Center building on the New Orleans riverfront. A $500 million, mile-long creation of New Orleans riverfront...
  • Republicans want to put brakes on naming national monuments
    Republicans want to put brakes on naming national monuments
    House Republicans want to make it more difficult for the president to name national monuments. The House Natural Resources Subcommittee on Public lands & Environmental Regulations conducted a public hearing on a series of bills that would...
  • Artist Judge Roy Moore & his Ten Commandments Monument
    Chief Justice Roy Moore 'the artist' returns to the Alabama Supreme Court
    We don’t normally think of heads of state as great artists, and yet history might surprise us. Prime Minister Winston Churchill produced over 500 beautiful paintings, many of which were even exhibited in Paris. John Milton, the poet of...
  • SLC Public Library aerial
    Beautifully liberating architecture of the Salt Lake City Public Library
    Prepare to feel exalted when passing through either of the two entrances of the Salt Lake City Public Librarysystem's Main Librarylocated at 210 East and 400 South in Salt Lake City, Utah.Stepping into the foyer named the Urban Room is akin to...
  • December 7, 1941 - A day of infamy.
    World War II Vet-Pearl Harbor Survivor gets Medals in Castle Rock!
    After decades, a World War II Vet and Pearl Harbor survivor will receive medals. Joanne Taylor, a Castle Rock resident, has worked with the Lost Heroes organization and the Douglas County Veterans Monument Foundation to award her father, C.R. (Bud...
  • Temporary wingless eagle!
    The Eagle is Landing
    William Hueg, designer and sculptor, holds the main body of the eagle that will be the most striking point of the Douglas County Veterans Monument. Bill delivered the clay model on July 12 for the next step in the process, making the molds for the...
  • Poker Run Raffle Winner
    Castle Rock Resident Wins Poker Run Raffle
    At 11:30am, June 25th, Board members of the Douglas County Veterans Monument Foundation and Legionnaires from the Harry C. Miller Post 1187, Castle Rock American Legion knocked on the door of Jim Gerlach and presented him the key to a brand new...
  • Monument Hill Country Club
    Monument Hill Country Club – Shooting through the pines
    Plugging the address into the GPS system, our foursome double-checked the street name: “Pebble Beach Way.” None of us had ever seen California’s version of Pebble Beach, but the Monument Hill Country Club claims Pebble Beach as...
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