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  • Duck Foot Brewing Company
    Duck Foot Brewing brings gluten-reduced beer to Miramar
    As the San Diego craft beer scene continues to grow, it’s becoming harder and harder for new breweries to find a unique space in a crowded marketplace. That’s not to say that simply making a quality product isn’t enough to be...
  • Military investigates death of Marine assigned to U.S.S. Nimitz (CVN 68)
    Military investigates death of Marine assigned to U.S.S. Nimitz (CVN 68)
    Yesterday, July 16, the Department of Defense announced the death of Marine Lance Cpl. Benjamin W. Tuttle, 19, of Gentry, Ark. He was assigned to the aircraft carrier U.S.S. Nimitz (CVN 68).The military has launched an investigation into the...
  • Saint Archer Brewing opens Miramar tasting room
    Saint Archer Brewing opens Miramar tasting room
    San Diego has a lot of breweries. According to the West Coaster, 71 breweries now call San Diego County home. With all of the competition from people making great beer, a new brewery has to be unique to stand out in the crowd. Saint Archer fits...
  • Alligator Ron Bergeron talking trash in Miramar
    Alligator Ron Bergeron talking trash in Miramar
    Mega businessman "Alligator Ron" Bergeron has broken the trash monopoly in South Florida.Bergeron, 69, of Weston, is the president of recycling company Sun-Bergeron. The solid waste start-up prevailed Thursday in a Broward County Circuit...
  • Ansin Sports Complex in Miramar to host Alliance Bowl V
    City of Miramar to host FFA Alliance Bowl V Championship Game
    (Sarasota, FL) The Florida Football Alliance announced the City Of Miramar will host the 2012 FFA Alliance Bowl V at the Ansin Sports Complex. The City of Miramar located in South Florida will be the third city to host the most recognized minor...
  • Miramar Air Show Centennial Celebration 2011
    Miramar Air Show 2011 Centennial Celebration is a great experience
    Do you or your kids have a fascination with airplanes? Have you ever watched those larger than life metal birds create beautiful dances up in the sky in complete awe? If you have never been, or even if you have, this weekend MCAS will host the...
  • donut
    Donut shop employee forced to drink liquid soap during robbery
    It was anything less than a normal day for one donut shop employee in San Diego over the weekend.According to a KTLAreport, a robber failed in his attempt to crack a safe around 5:10 a.m. Saturday at the Winchell's Donuts store outside the...
  • Erebus Cross
    The New Kid in Town
    There's a new kid in town, and she'd like to say hello to all of Miramar, Florida. That new kid, by the way, is me, Leslie Tipton. I have just been "hired" as the Miramar Christian Living Examiner on This page will...
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