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  • Microsoft’s YouthSpark and Apple’s Camps
    Microsoft’s YouthSpark and Apple’s Camps: ‘Summer, summer, summertime!’
    With many schools being dismissed for summer, many parents may be searching for educational, entertaining, and possibly free activities for their children. The answer may be in the form of summer camps from Microsoft and Apple.Microsoft’s...
  • Xbox One screen logo
    Microsoft bringing Crackdown, Scalebound & Quantum Break to gamescom 2015
    Microsoft had arguably the best showing at E3 2015 of any company that attended. From backwards compatibility for the Xbox One, to a slew of major upcoming Xbox One releases, Microsoft is clearly gunning for a big 2015.Gamescom 2015 is happening...
  • Uber acquires mapping technology from Microsoft's Bing
    Uber acquires mapping technology from Microsoft's Bing
    Uber acquires mapping technology from Microsoft's Bing Maps service. The move is intended to reduce the company's reliance on Google and Apple. According to the Wall Street Journal on June 29, 2015, about 100 Microsoft employees will be...
  • Dale Earnhardt Jr.
    Microsoft partners with NASCAR and Hendrick Motorsports
    Technology giant Microsoft, NASCAR and Hendrick Motorsports announced new multi-year official agreements Monday. The agreements designate Microsoft as an Official Technology Partner of NASCAR and a major technology partner of Hendrick Motorsports....
  • Microsoft’s Xbox Elite Wireless Controller: E3 Showstopper!
    Microsoft’s Xbox Elite Wireless Controller: E3 Showstopper!
    Each year the Electronic Entertainment Expo (E3) provides gamers a glimpse of the upcoming software; however, at last week’s event, Microsoft revealed a revolutionary piece of hardware. The Xbox Elite Wireless Controller ($149.99) allows for...
  • E3 2015 Microsoft Conference
    E3 2015 Microsoft Conference recap and impressions
    It seems like both Sony and Microsoft threw out their big guns first. Microsoft had a better conference than in recent years that immediately began with a focus on Halo 5: Guardians. Microsoft showed off four player cooperative campaign and...
  • E3 2015: ‘Gears of War 4’ beta coming in spring 2016 to Xbox One
    E3 2015: ‘Gears of War 4’ beta coming in spring 2016 to Xbox One
    Microsoft and The Coalition have announced that there will be a Gears of War 4 beta during the early months of 2016. According to a Tweet made by Rod Fergusson - Studio Head of The Coalition - on June 16, a beta for Gears of War 4 will take place...
  • E3 2015 post predictions
    E3 2015: Post predictions
    It’s a little sad, but E3 2015 is all but over. It was a crazy two days with big announcements followed by a steady stream, literally, of games from the various publishers. There’s hours upon hours of content out there to dig into so...
  • HoloLens demonstration gives Minecraft game a 3D look at the E3 show
    Minecraft app made for Microsoft's HoloLens as seen at the E3 show
    According to CNet on Monday, there was an on-stage demonstration utilizing Microsoft's 3D HoloLens technology to utilize a version of Minecraft in an app format to create a world of blocks on a real-life three dimensional structure like a...
  • WoT logo
    'World of Tanks' coming to Xbox One
    “World of Tanks” is finally coming to Xbox One. Fans of the tank MMO have been waiting for this for some time. WoT was an exclusive on Xbox 360 and while the move to the Xbox One was expected it was officially announced during E3. July...
  • E3 2015 day zero review
    E3 2015: Day zero review
    Wow, what an amazing first day of press conferences. With so many dreams come true thanks to the reveal of The Last Guardian, Final Fantasy VII remake, and Shenmue 3, why, one couldn’t imagine anything more spectacular. This writer did his...
  • Xbox One stage
    E3 2015: Xbox One backwards compatibility on the horizon
    It may have taken two long years and a PR circus, but Microsoft will finally allow Xbox One owners to dust off their old Xbox 360 games and play them on their new console. The announcement came Monday during Microsoft's E3 press conference in...
  • E3 Previews
    E3 Previews
    The time has come for another E3 and with that a bevy of hotly anticipated titles, changes, and surprises. In the first two days five titles have stood out from the rest.
  • E3 2015 Microsoft promo
    E3 2015: Microsoft's press conference wrap up
    Bethesda was a mixed bag last night to kick off E3. While not bad, it didn’t hold many surprises aside from all of the Fallout 4 details. So it wasn’t exactly hard for Microsoft to top that show and boy did they.Microsoft’s event...
  • Xbox Logo - Black
    Everything you need to know from the 2015 Xbox Media Briefing [E3 2015]
    It has been quite the week leading up to E3 2015 with a steady stream of incredible reveals, leaving you wondering, “What exactly will there be to announce at E3?” From the “Fallout 4” reveal, the return of rhythm gaming,...
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