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  • Meta AR debut in TO
    Meta AR Eyewear Makes Memorable Debut at MaRS
    Hundreds of techies gathered recently in the main auditorium of the MaRS district in downtown Toronto for a presentation featuring Steven Mann as the keynote speaker. Mann, a serial inventor who has been involved with field of AI for decades, is...
  • EM logo
    META closure threatens theatre resource
    Is it just me, or has the local theatre industry been a little too weird lately. “Weird,” as in the Weird Sisters from “MacBeth” – “When the hurlyburly's done,When the battle's lost and won…&rdquo...
  • Meta announces MetaPro eyewearable for pre-order
    Meta announces MetaPro eyewearable for pre-order
    A new eyewearable contender has emerged to compete with Google Glass. The MetaPro will retail for $3,000 and is now now available for preorder, according to CNET. The glasses feature a larger field of view and higher resolution than Google Glass,...
  • Don Jon - Still
    LA’s Regency Valley Plaza 6 Offers New Way to Watch ‘Don Jon’
    Porn addiction is hardly a romantic subject. Somehow, Joseph Gordon-Levitt’s Don Jon pulls it off. Despite categorization as a romantic comedy, the film manages to defy all the genre’s normal sickly sweet tropes. And for those living...
  • Meta SpaceGlasses
    Meta SpaceGlasses
    Old news is the iPhone 5, Xbox One and Play Station 4, hitting the shelves before Christmas. One of the most exciting new gadgets for 2014 are the Meta SpaceGlasses.A new start up company, Meta, wants to offer a mediated reality, one where objects...
  • Atretyuu
    A Death-Grip on Atreyu
    "A Death-Grip on Yesterday" is the 3rd studio album by American heavy metal band, Atreyu. It was released in 2006 on Victory Records and produced by the band with Josh Abraham. The line-up for the album was Alex Varkatzas (vocals), Dan...
  • Google Glass has some competition.
    Google Glass has competition
    Once you realize Google Glass is a folded company’s product with Android as the interface, it becomes more exciting that several other companies are developing innovative projector glasses. But do any of them realize the potential of &ldquo...
  • Note Anytime
    Note Anytime 'paints' the competition into a corner
    A free note taking app that blows away other note taking apps that cost up to $10? I know, it sounds too good to be true, but it's here, so get it now.I'm talking about Note Anytime for the iPad, available for free from the App Store. It&...
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