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  • DIY: Mesh bag with handles
    DIY: Mesh bag with handles
    These bags are inexpensive, easy, and come in handy. They are perfect for gathering pecans, or fruit from a garden to collecting shells on the beach.Supplies:A produce bag1” double folded bias tapeThread to match bias tapeScissorsSewing...
  • Mesh on Mass
    Mesh on Mass
    Mesh, located at 725 Massachusetts Avenue, is one of down town Indy’s most noteworthy restaurants. With its sleek décor and sophisticated menu, Mesh still possesses a very inviting and casual vibe. The food is some of the best and most...
  • sheer buttonfront
    The peek-a-boo trend is hot
    This sexy revealing trend has surfaced and hit mainstream. Celebrities and fashionable women alike have jumped on the peek-a-boo band wagon.Where else has it been seen?Surfing the fashion sites, designers such as Valentino, Givenchy, Chloe, Marc...
  • Mesh on Mass Ave;  a Must-Visit
    Mesh on Mass Ave; a Must-Visit
    When I found out that Mesh on Mass Ave was now open, I had to try them for lunch. I was dining alone this particular day which allowed me to focus entirely on the food and atmosphere.If you are unaware, this new restaurant is part of the Cunninham...
  • explore-image-burgundy.jpg
    Nintendo DSi XL a smash hit at stores across Montreal
    In all the gaming retailers and consumer electronics department stores across Montreal, you can see it. It's here, and it's BIG!! The Nintendo DSi XL has definitely taken its place in consumer electronics and gaming stores across Montreal....