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  • The Milton Inn kicks off the small plates menu in the C. 1740 Lounge
    Small plates, big flavors at the historic Milton Inn located in Sparks, Maryland
    The Milton Inn has always been a special occasion restaurant with beautifully decorated rooms, linen tablecloths and that added plus of being in a visually stunning historic stone building circa 1740. The executive chef and owner, Brian Boston and...
  • Pappas Crab Cake
    Maryland Crab Cakes and Pappas Restaurants are synonymous
    With the opening of the third Pappas Restaurant in North Baltimore County, Cockeysville, in the Cranbrook Shopping Center their crab cake empire grows. What started with a small restaurant in 1972 now serves their patrons fours ways: the...
  • The Maryland Christmas Show comes to Frederick
    The Maryland Christmas Show comes to Frederick
    The annual Maryland Christmas Show begins its 31st run, this weekend, in Frederick, MD. As a stable, holiday-time tradition that encompasses yuletide spirit, this two-week event brings together all ages and interests.Come out and experience...
  • Psychics, doggie detectives, cameras in the woods and $35K spent to find lost dog
    Psychics, doggie detectives, hidden cameras and $35K spent to find lost dog
    Over a year ago, Janet Mihalyfi, 39, of Washington, D.C., was letting her five-year-old dog “Havoc” romp off his leash in a wooded area near the Dalecarlia Reservoir at the border of NW Washington D.C. and Bethesda, Maryland, when the...
  • Climate change in Maryland
    Impacts of climate change in Maryland
    There are still some skeptics out there who still do not believe the earth’s climate is changing. If you are one of those people, or if you know someone within this category, here is some evidence that might help you understand (or explain)...
  • Charlottetown Farm Chevre Cheese with fig and lime topping
    Charlottetown Farm: Pam Miller and happy goats make extraordinary cheese
    Here is an equation for success. Take one empty nest mom with time on her hands, a 4-H background, goats and a passion to brighten the tables of many with her goat cheese products – voila, you have Charlottetown Farm’s Pam Miller. She...
  • Grand Hotel & Spa Ocean City MD
    Ocean City MD 4 day scrapbook weekend retreat 4/16-4/19/15
    Join Virginia Scrapbook Retreats new Spring Ocean City MD 4 day scrapbook weekend retreat.e will be scrapbooking all 4 days at the Oceanfront Ocean City MD offering you shopping with our scrapbook vendors as well as awesome classes. Each cropper...
  • Ristorante Firenze
    Expect a winter opening of Ristorante Firenze in historic Reisterstown
    It has been over a year since Jesse Issa’s Tonino’s restaurant closed after a 25 year run located where Reisterstown Road ( route 140) veers off west to Westminister and Hanover Road begins on historic Reisterstown’s Main Street...
  • Immigrants rig Maryland elections
    Immigrants rig Maryland elections
    Regardless of whom captures the most votes in Nov. 4’s election, the results will be shaded, according to a lawsuit filed in Baltimore last month. Furthermore, a Cooperative Congressional Election Study found that 6.4 percent of non-citizens...
  • Voting machines still flipping in Maryland?
    Voting machines still flipping in Maryland?
    As Marylanders head to the polls Tuesday, questions linger over early-voting glitches that could affect the election’s outcome.After reporting thatvoting machines had flipped Republican votes to Democratsin several counties,
  • Police in Md. confiscate marijuana infused Halloween candy products
    Police in Md. confiscate marijuana infused Halloween candy products
    It’s an unfortunate sign of the times, and these days a mandatory parental obligation to thoroughly inspect your children’s Halloween candy stash for opened packages of candy that could have been tampered with or to make sure there...
  • Shelter news
    Animal shelter head in Montgomery, Md., departs
    Mary Healey, the head of the Montgomery County animal shelter in Maryland, has left her position after a little more than a year.Healey, who became the shelter's director in September 2013, has accepted an unsolicited job offer outside of the...
  • Feral cat funding
    Feral cat funding faces more scrutiny in Maryland
    Maryland’s spay/neuter advisory board has formed a three-member subcommittee to develop recommendations for funding feral cat projects.The subcommittee is chaired by Tami Santelli, Maryland state director of the Humane Society of the United...
  • Feral cats
    Feral cat protection eyed in Maryland city
    City officials in Rockville, Md., have begun considering a proposal to endorse the trap-neuter-return (TNR) of feral cats.Councilwoman Julie Palakovich Carr has drafted an amendment to the city’s animal control ordinance that would, among...
  • Maryland’s non-voters could decide next governor
    Maryland’s non-voters could decide next governor
    Unless the 60 percent of apathetic Maryland voters who are likely to avoid voting Nov. 4 are suddenly inspired, the Nov. 5 headlines should read Marylanders Lose in 72 point ink. One thing debates between Lt. Gov. Anthony Brown and Republican...