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  • Uber acquires mapping technology from Microsoft's Bing
    Uber acquires mapping technology from Microsoft's Bing
    Uber acquires mapping technology from Microsoft's Bing Maps service. The move is intended to reduce the company's reliance on Google and Apple. According to the Wall Street Journal on June 29, 2015, about 100 Microsoft employees will be...
  • Geospatial Model
    A Project-based Activity Leading to Experiential Learning
    IntroductionAuthors have long been interested and engaged in exploring the potential of student research as a way of learning science (specifically, Earth systems and interdisciplinary sciences) that uses geo-technique’s tools such as remote...
  • Maps of bodily sensations associated with different emotions. Hot colors show activated, cool colors deactivated regions.
    Researchers produce first topographical maps of human emotion
    The repertoire of human emotion is culturally universal and can be represented topographically according to new research conducted by scientists from Finland at the Aalto University, the University of Turku, and the University of Tampere that was...
  • This is someone's brain. This is someone's brain in a jar. Any questions?
    Brain mapping: the road to somewhere
    President Obama said that federal agencies should plan to spend $100 million to jump start an effort to map the human brain. Their first step is to find a viable brain in Washington so they can get started.
  • Apple fires Richard Williamson
    Richard Williamson the Apple mapping manager has been fired
    On Nov. 27, Bloomberg News is reporting that the manager in charge of the mapping software for Apple has been fired.Richard Williamson oversaw the mapping team that produced the mapping software that was a major fail for Apple.Senior Vice...
  • Apple mapping app shows location of Beachtree Cafe
    If you don't know this about Apple mapping now, you'll hate yourself later
    The CEO of Apple, Tim Cook, has now acknowledged what the blogosphere has been buzzing about for days: Apple's new mapping software for iOS 6 has flaws. Some users report on Twitter that certain locations are incorrectly positioned ,...
  • How to host your own USArray seismograph
    How to host your own USArray seismograph
    Would you like to play host to a USArray seismograph? USArray, an auspicious fifteen-year program to map the lithosphere of the earth under the American continent, is actively looking for volunteer host sites for their seismographs in the...
  • MEDC Public Forum
    Public called on to participate June 8th in design of Marlborough's future
    The City of Marlborough will hold aPublic Forumon Wednesday, June 8th from 6:00 to 9:00 PM at the Massachusetts International Academy, located at 280 Locke Drive, Marlborough. Everyone who lives, works, owns property or owns a business in...
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