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  • Australia v Macedonia
    Australia bore in scoreless Macedonia draw
    After managing a great draw against Germany, the same could not be said of the Socceroos second match in March. Australia played out an incredibly dull match only managing a scoreless draw against a determined Macedonia.Australia controlled the...
  • Asterias seafood restaurant, Flegra Beach Boutique Apartments
    Asterias: Greek seafood at the new Flegra Beach Hotel
    With tourism to Greece booming in 2014 more visitors are discovering that the season is year round. Even on the northern Greek Macedonian peninsulas of Halkidiki – long a favored summer playground ­– the beachfront Asterias seafood...
  • Quite a tomb
    Huge, significant ancient tomb unearthed in northern Greece
    A huge ancient tomb has been unearthed by archaeologists in Greece’s northeast Macedonian region, according to government officials. It is distinguished by two sphinxes and frescoed walls and dates to 300 – 325 B.C.This marks a...
  • A typical small secluded beach in the Halkidiki peninsulas
    Driving Kassandra unplugged and tuned into Greece
    Sitting at a beach side café in Possidi on the Halkidiki peninsula of Kassandra, this North American was struck by an unfamiliar scene. People were reading – not on tablet computers, not on smartphones or with wires dangling down from their...
  • Reviewing Tikveŝ Rkaciteli 2012
    Reviewing Tikveŝ Rkaciteli 2012
    • The history of Macedonian wine has been erratic over the decades. In ancient Macedonia, this region north of Greece was a major supplier of wine to surrounding regions. When it was part of Yugoslavia, it produced in the 1980s two-thirds of...
  • Thessaloniki is always pregnant with culture
    Thessaloniki is always pregnant with culture
    As Anastasia Karachisarli of the Thessaloniki Tourism Organization walked down long broad First Pier jutting into the harbor she explained that during the first week of November the commodious landscaped space would be filled for the 54th...
  • Can Ricky Rubio lead Spain in 2013 EuroBasket Championships
    Spain vs Macedonia live stream and 2013 EuroBasket schedule
    Even though today's Spain vs. Macedonia live stream is not part of 2013 EuroBasket schedule, it takes place at Multiusos Fontes do Sar in Santiago de Compostela, Spain, and it's a rematch of 2011 FIBA championship semi-finals.Opening...
  • Police with suspect in Skopje
    Five men charged in Skopje murders
    According to a report from BalkanInsight, three of the five men who carried out violent murders just north of Skopje last month have been arrested. They are all ethnic Albanians."Two of them are at large," said Police Minister Gordana...
  • Police Minister Gordana Jankulovska
    Suspected fishermen murderers brought to trial in Macedonia
    On Tuesday, Macedonian police arrested 20 men, all alleged radical Islamists, in a series of stings around the capital of Skopje, according to a report from BalkanInsight.They stood in court this morning after spending the night in jail. Among the...
  • Mysterious frescoes in Macedonian Church miraculously change color overnight
    Mysterious frescoes in Macedonian Church miraculously change color overnight
    Was there a miracle taking place in a Christian Orthodox church in Skopje, Macedonia over the weekend? That's what believers think after seeing centuries-old frescoes in Saint Dimitrija Church change colors practically before their very eyes....
  • Vevcani Carnival
    Local Muslims offended by carnival masks, Orthodox Christian church torched
    The 1,400 year-old annual Vevcani Carnival held in Macedonia historically has been a peaceful, if not raucous, celebration.Known for carnival-goers wearing provocative masks, this year's celebration irked to the point of violence, a minority...
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