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  • Morality and Law
    Morality and Law
    Should something be illegal simply because it is thought to be immoral? Should morality play a role in deciding law?If you feel that morality should be considered when deciding if something should be legal or illegal then you are relying on some...
  • Lotta food
    Sin of indulgence Part I
    “I eat fast food more than I like to admit.” “I can't believe I used to buy that garbage.”“Please. I haven't touched fast food in years.”Have you heard any of these phrases? With Easter drawing near, I...
  • Camp K-9 by Mary Ann Rodman and illustrated by Nancy Hayashi
    Camp K-9 by Mary Ann Rodman and illustrated by Nancy Hayashi
    Camp K-9 by Mary Ann Rodman and illustrated by Nancy Hayashi is a cute story about a doggy summer camp where the main character, Roxie (an adorable little puppy), is hiding a secret.In her pooch pouch (a doggie backpack), Roxie has her blankie,...
  • Getty Museum
    Should we teach morals?
    Should we teach morals? From an early age we are taught what is right and what is wrong. Based on what we hear we modify our behavior to fit into society and what we learn translates into action and habits that follow us into adulthood. Where do...
  • The Good Samaritan
    When we are in the service of our fellow neighbor
    When we serve others we render service unto our GodAs members in the community our faith ought to compel us to serve others. Jesus Christ stated, when giving the parable of the Sheep verses Goats, that those who show forth compassion toward the...
  • Benjamin Franklin Playing Chess
    Chess: The Game of Life
    We learn by chess the habit of not being discouraged by present bad appearances in the state of our affairs, the habit of hoping for a favorable change, and that of persevering in the search of resources.-Benjamin Franklin, The Morals of Chess,...
  • LusitaniaWWIWoodrowWilson.jpg
    WWI, Propaganda, Censorship and Our Perception of Reality in the USA Part 1 of 2
    You are wondering: "How can World War I affect your current perception of Reality in America? It is said that what we “perceive to be reality” is our reality. Our cumulative life experiences, including our education, parental...
  • South Park
    Prophet Muhammad and South Park: a Muslim sets the record straight
    April 21: South Park aired the sequel to its 200th episode and satirically resolved the issue of depicting Prophet Muhammad. Rather than say his name or depict his face, he was censored out. Where do we stand now that Muslims have been humiliated,...
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