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  • We got rid of a king, why elect another
    We got rid of a king, why elect another
    America was founded on one premise among others, that we no longer want a monarch. Some few monarchs throughout human history have been truly great, in that they sacrificed themselves for their country, but most have been selfish dictators.The...
  • U.S. Constitution - The People's Document
    We the people speak
    The first three words of the Preamble or introduction to the Constitution of the United States – “We the people,” establishes the basis of power upon which the founders wrote and ratified the Constitution in 1788; the main...
  • The royal baby will be an equal opportunity heir to the throne
    A king or queen is born: Royal baby will benefit from equal opportunity law
    When Prince William and Kate Middleton announce the birth of the royal baby boy or girl, they will be presenting a future monarch of England! According to a July 13 report onCBS News,a new law was recently enacted that brings equal opportunity to...
  • Monarch Butterfly
    Help Monarch Butterfly Populations Bounce Back
    Monarch butterfly populations arriving at their overwintering locales in Mexico have declined by 59 percent this year, according to the Associated Press. What is even more alarming is that this is the lowest level that has been documented since...
  • Viceroy
    Six Common Butterflies of Kentucky
    This article was supposed to be about designing a Butterfly Garden in your backyard, but I have decided to do that article later this week. I thought it would be helpful to tell you about some of the common butterflies of Kentucky, especially...
  • Tilapia and Organic Leafy greens
    Aquaponics and ECOLIFE
    Aquaponics is a closed loop system of fish and leafy green vegetables. Simply, the near zero environmental impact system circulates nutrient rich water from the fish, usally tilapia over organic leafy vegetables - such as kale, Swiss chard, and...
  • Monarch Freshies 2 Days Later
    Colorado powder days ahead for MLK weekend
    The first holiday weekend for skiers and riders after New Year's is amongst all. Martin Luther King Day is January 17. The masses will be out in force trying to share, or not, the fresh snow slated to start falling Thursday night with the...
  • Snowboarder at Purgatoy
    Monarch Mountain, Purgatory still have fresh snow
    The winter weather advisories once again posted for the Colorado mountains are exciting skiers and boarders for the weekend, sans Saturday's warmth. Today was where fresh lines were for the taking. Fresh snow ranging from three to six new...
  • Southern nature lovers witness the best of fall migrations
    Southern nature lovers witness the best of fall migrations
    The weekend is here again and the weather looks great! Get the family moving outside by checking out how the natural world is moving this season: autumn is migration time for many species of birds, as well as Monarch butterflies and a number of...
  • resized_Monarch_017.JPG
    Monarch Mountain invests in lifts, lodge and lesson center
    Monarch Mountain is undergoing $1.2 million in ski area improvements leading into the 2010-2011 season. Monarch’s director of marketing, Greg Ralph, says Monarch benefitted from a record number of skier visits last season and is reinvesting...
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