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  • BREAKING: Freddie Gray death ruled a homicide in surprise announcement
    BREAKING: Freddie Gray death ruled a homicide in surprise announcement
    Despite word yesterday that theofficial verdict on the death ofFreddie Gray would not be released until next week, prosecutors in Baltimoreannounced today that they had filed homicide, manslaughter, and misconduct charges against police officers...
  • Walmart
    Walmart employee tells kids 'go play on the highway instead'
    A Walmart customer was in shock after hearing an employee tell her two young siblings to "go play on Highway 26 instead". Jeanie Marie, the adult sister of the two siblings searched the store for nearly 30 minutes before eventually...
  • Nesbit
    Teacher admits to in classroom sex with student receives felony charge
    Emily Nesbit, 31, resigned her position as an 11th grade English teacher, in the wake of allegations of sex with a student, and a felony charge related to the act.According to a March 17, report by the Huffington Post, Nesbit is accused of having...
  • 6-year-old boy suspended for kissing classmate on hand
    6-year-old boy suspended for kissing classmate on hand
    According to the news on Dec. 10, a six-year-old Colorado boy kissed a classmate on the hand and was suspended for sexual harassment.His mom is fighting to get the incident removed from his school record. She says the words "sexual harassment...
  • TSA
    TSA misconduct: Transportation Security Administration misconduct increases
    TSA misconduct is increasing, and the Government Accountability Office reveals that it has gone up by 26 percent. CNN reports on July 31 that the Transportation Security Administration has a growing misconduct problem. In addition, disciplinary...
  • Minneapolis Police Department
    Minneapolis Police Department pays out big sums for misconduct
    Over the past seven years, the Minneapolis Police Department, has paid out around $14 million in misconduct payouts. But, the MPD almost never admits that the officers were in the wrong. Over a period of six years, starting in 2006, there have...
  • Officer investigated after money is missing from stopped vehicle
    Officer investigated after money is missing from stopped vehicle
    The Jackson Police Department Professional Standards & Integrity Unit is investigating the alleged misconduct of a patrol officer, according to a news release sent out early Wednesday afternoon by the department.The release said the...
  • Workplace Ethics
    Workplace Misconduct
    Ethics, also known as moral philosophy, is a branch of philosophy that involves systematizing, defending, and recommending concepts of right and wrong behavior (Wikipedia). It is the body of moral principles or values governing or distinctive of a...
  • Misconduct outside of work can be a double-edged sword
    Employers may have a say in your off-duty conduct
    In most circumstances, what you do outside of work is your business and no concern of your employer. However, your off-work conduct may land you in legal trouble and the unemployment line.The popular press is rife with incidents of off-duty...
  • Internal Affairs Complaints
    Houston Police abuse complaints process undergoes changes
    (Houston) -- Mayor Annise Parker is making changes to the way excessive force complaints are handled with the Houston Police Department as more and more videotaped abuse allegations make the news.Here is what you need to know if you are filing a...
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