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  • Homemade mints without the work
    Homemade mints without the work
    Sometime ago, I shared a recipe for "Cream Cheese Mints", which is a good and easy mint candy. The response to the recipe was very positive and I appreciate the feedback on how much many of you enjoyed the recipe. One reason I would say...
  • February 19 is Chocolate Mint Day
    National Confectioners Association declares February 19 as Chocolate Mint Day (Photos)
    If you love chocolate, and if you love mint, then today is your day. The US National Confectioners Association has declared Feb. 19 to be Chocolate Mint Day.Chocolate and mint make a good marriage.Chocolate mint, also known as mint chocolate, is a...
  • Christmas candy – Mint candy recipes
    Christmas candy – Mint candy recipes
    These mints make for pretty gifts, using small clear plastic bags place 6 to 12 mints and tie with colorful ribbon or using a small clear glass or jar and fill with some mints and decorate with a colorful ribbon.These are delicious mints, very...
  • apple mint plant
    Mints and lemons (as flavor boosters and food garnishes)
    Taste and aroma are what makes a mint such a valuable herb.Two of the most common varieties are peppermint (has cooling menthol), and spearmint. But there’s a world of mints that you may notbe familiar with.Here’s a few new options to...
  • cool caffeine caffeinated mints
    Cool Caffeine caffeinated mints
    Firstly, a big thank you to for providing me samples of this most refreshing treat. How do I know they are refreshing? it says so - right on the package! I could not have taken this at a better time. I had the day off of work...
  • blitzmint.jpg
    Blitz Mints caffeinated mints are a little hard to swallow
    Blitz energy mints are going to have a hard time surviving long term as a caffeinated treat. They aren't bad, necessarily, but they do have their issues. The packaging, the caffeine, the flavor - except for theirpack, nothing about them really...
  • Twarpmints.jpg
    Warp Green Tea energy Mints Yummy but mintless
    I like Warp Green Tea Energy Mints, but I am not sure how much I like them. I mean, mints are supposed to follow a pattern - in which they differentiate themselves from candies by the freshening of your breath - making things "minty". On...
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