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  • Medical Marijuana
    Medical Marijuana - an alternative to narcotics
    I need to thank John Morgan.He does not have cancer. He has never felt “cancer pain.” He does not have any disease that may cause him to have spasms or convulsions.But he is a compassionate man and he has seen others in these and other...
  • Lions in Zoo
    The truth about Catnip
    Not all cats care at all about catnip, but if they like it, it applies to house cats, lions and tigers too! It is easy to grow, resistant to deer and drought and acts as a deterrent to rats, mice, mosquitoes, and is used as medicinal aid for...
  • Marijuana medical or recreational
    Marijuana legal in Colorado on January 1
    Marijuana has been used for its medicinal benefits dating back to 2900 B.C.On January 1, the census may rise sharply in the state of Colorado due to the passing of Amendment 64 for the legal sale of marijuana, both medical and retail.This is real...
  • Spotlight Herb: Basil
    Spotlight Herb: Basil
    Basil's name is typically associated with Italian food, but it's health benefits are amazing as well. It's one of the most commonly grown herbs for both home and commercial kitchen use due to it's distinctive flavor and ease of...
  • harvesting urine
    Egyptian doctor: The benefits of drinking camel urine, per the prophet
    I'll just have a wee one...Most in the Western World would consider drinking the urine of any animal to be not only taboo, but downright nauseating.Despite the best efforts of a nationally televised Egyptian doctor, it turns out that more than...
  • EIF's Women's Cancer Research Fund Honorary Chair Steven Spielberg, Nancy Walker and Jimmy Walker
    From Canada hopes for a cheap and effective cure for cancer
    In 2007, a team of researchers at the University of Alberta conducted an animal trial for a drug that has been used for years to treat rare metabolic disorders. Only this time, the doctors were interested in recording its cancer neutralizing...
  • Goji berries
    Goji berries: A nutritional powerhouse
    Goji berries, also called wolfberries, are a fruit native to China.Within their red-orange raisin appearance resides an impressive history of health benefits.In Tibetan medicine, goji berries orLycium barbarum have been used for about 2,000 years...
  • Microgreens houseplants you can eat
    Microgreens houseplants you can eat
    "Microgreens" are home-grown minigreens that have become the hottest new food item in some of the world's finest restaurants. Larger than sprouts and termed so after they have produced at least two "true" leaves. Fresh is...
  • Cattail
    The Cattail, natures multi-tool
    Howdy campers. I've had a few requests for information about useful plant life in the outdoors. We have a lot of species in the Western part of U.S. that can be used as edible or for medicinal purposes. Many can do both.I wanted to start with...
  • Medicinal Marijuana Patients at an L.A. Dispensary
    L.A. City Council Eases Restrictions on Marijuana Dispensaries
    On November 24, 2010, the Los Angeles City Councilvoted to ease restrictions on medical marijuana dispensaries, allowing dozens more to possibly remain open.On Wednesday, the City council approved an amendment, which allowed up to 140 pot...
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