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  • Paint is the most common material associated with artists.
    6 kinds of art supplies
    Art is objective and arguments about what constitutes art and what separates “high art” from “low art” are constantly debated amongst academics and the artistic. Although the legitimacy of art and its place in society is...
  • Porcelain & Ceramic Tiles
    The comparison series: part II - ceramic vs. porcelain tile
    During discussions of hard-surface materials, there is always the inevitable question about porcelain and ceramic tile. What is the difference?The answer is not always clear. There are similarities and differences, as with most products, and the...
  • ReStore Operation
    Habitat for Humanity wrecks houses
    Various Habitat for Humanity (HFH) locations across the country currently utilize volunteer “wrecking crews.” The nonprofit organization offers free deconstruction services for those in their respective areas undergoing remodeling...
  • Carsrud Corner Educational Materials
    Local teacher makes Educational Materials for Early Childhood to Elementary
    Hello! My name is Angela Lord-Carsrud and I am the founder, owner, and operator of this educational materials company that provides custom solutions to your classroom needs. The inception of Carsrud Corner occurred during the summer of 1999, after...
  • DIck Blicks
    Benefits of Blick
    An artist should never blame their tools, by doing so it’s only a sign of a poor craftsmen. A talented individual should be able to create using ingenuity and whatever resources they have around them. That being said it is incredibly...
  • Brown Bear by Eric Carle
    Brown Bear by Eric Carle
    Any book can be a great book to read with your child, as long as your child is interested in it. However, the series of articles tagged "materials" is devoted to books, toys and other items that can be used with your child with language...
  • SpaceDivider(2).jpg
    Space divider in the space of light (... modern in Oakland, CA)
    SUBJECT:Semi-private place within public open area at your home, office, pup, convention center can be created with a well designed or well chosen space divider. It can provide privacy even in the biggest, the most open public or private spaces....
  • Drip irrigation system connectors and drippers.
    Building a drip irrigation system
    Drought tolerant gardening and efficient irrigation systems are becoming the new way to landscape in many parts of the country. One way to water efficiently is to use a drip irrigation system. Building a drip irrigation is not difficult and it can...
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