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  • manure
    Entries pile up for North America's 'crappiest' slogan contest
    Judges have their hip boots and nose plugs on and are getting ready to wade into a deep pile of more than 200 entries in what an April 24 AP report characterizes as a contest for the "crappiest" slogans for a trade show (to take place...
  • Farmer repays bank loan with manure
    Farmer repays bank loan with manure: Russian farmer kicks up a stink with bank
    A Russian farmer repays his bank loan – not with currency, but the dollar equivalent of a pile of fresh manure. The farmer, pooped out and exasperated by exorbitant interest rates levied on his farm and animals, raised a stink –...
  • Teen dies in manure pit
    Teen dies in manure pit: Tractor driven by 15-year-old teen flips in manure pit
    A teen died in a manure pit on his family farm in Pennsylvania Saturday when a piece of farm equipment that he was operating flipped over in a mucky pit, trapping the teen in a four foot manure pond for over an hour. The boy was asphyxiated and...
  • manure
    Add manure to fertilize your garden
    Spring is here and it is garden time. While seedlings are sprouting and hardening off in indoor greenhouses and cold frames, the soil also needs a boost of nutrient rich material to keep them growing for an abundant harvest. Why use chemicals when...
  • Cow manure causes death
    12 bizarre deaths of 2012: Death by suffocating in cow manure
    Next time someone suggests that it is easy being a farmer, consider the source. At a Maryland dairy farm in May three people accidentally died in a mature pit after falling in and ultimately asphyxiating. This sad story of drowning in cow piles is...
  • President Obama invests in cow manure as next green energy business
    President Obama invests in cow manure as next green energy business
    With several billion dollars of taxpayer money already lost through the bankruptcies of solar energy companies around the nation, President Obama and his administration on April 9th are now seeking to fund a new green energy source by providing $5...
  • Holy sh** managing manure to save mankind
    Holy Sh** managing manure to save mankind
    This very insightful andfunny book,Holy Shit, Managing Manure To Save Mankind, contrary farmer Gene Logsdon provides the inside story of manue, our most misunderstood, natural resource.Gene begins by lamenting a modern society that not only throws...
  • manure removal
    How to use manure in the vegetable garden
    If you have a garden and you have a source of animal manure that’s free and easily available you may want to use it in your Michigan garden. Organic growers sing the praises of manure and home owners are eager to improve their soil with this...
  • Healthy soil
    Soil Seminar
    With a one foot of snow still on the ground, it's hard to imagine the soil, let along think about improving it. But that's what's important about this time of year. It's an opportunity to make a plan. The soil is the soul of your...
  • elephant
    Happy Holidoo now available courtesy of Woodland Park Zoo's elephants
    Imagine the squeals of joy on Christmas morning when the gardeners in your life find elephant dung under their trees.No, you don't have to pack a package with pachyderm poo yourself. Woodland Park Zoo's compost manager, Dr. Doo, has...
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