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  • Ejji Ramen offers more than ramen
    Soon to open Ejji Ramen will be more than just ramen
    If all goes according to plan, Ejji Ramen should be opening sometime this month in Belvedere Square Market at the Ikan Sushi’s former spot. I sat down with Oscar Lee, co-owner of Chocolatea Café and his uncle, Chef Ten Vong, partners in Ejji...
  • Rasa Sayang: A little something extra might not be what you are looking for
    Rasa Sayang: A little something extra might not be what you are looking for
    With Chinese food around every corner, it's difficult to stand out from the rest. You can add Malaysian and Thai dishes to the mix, but unless the customer is familiar with food, you can still vanish in the crowd. Somehow though, Rasa Sayang...
  • photo being used to track animal abusers
    15 minute youtube video of graphic animal abuse instantly outrages millions
    A 15 minute video of incredible animal cruelty and abuse was almost instantly removed from YouTube after an instant flurry or outrage poured into the website. The video, allegedly taped by a Malaysian woman named Doreen Lee shows her boyfriend,...
  • Jaya Grill of Denver
    Jaya Grill
    Jaya Grill is the equivalent of curves on petite women, who holds a pageantry of dishes of Southeast Asia. From Singapore, Thailand, Malaysia, and Indonesia, where the beauty pounds comes in perfect places, from Indian pancakes with curry sauce...
  • malay_satay_300_lamb_curry.jpg
    Update: Malay Satay Hut now missing the mark
    Last month, Trellis moved up to my list of favorite restaurants in the area. Reluctantly, I’m now removing one restaurant from that same list. Malay Satay Hut, one of my top picks since I moved to Seattle in 1999, has been increasingly...
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