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  • Wash. man charged with hammering woman to death and sexually abusing her corpse
    Wash. man charged with hammering woman to death and sexually abusing her corpse
    Police in Longview, Washington, arrested Lucas Rasmussen, 36, of Longview earlier this week and charged him with the murder of a Longview woman, burglary and sexually violating his victim’s human remains, according to a March 3 report from...
  • Ruger LCP
    What should a woman do when a man exposes himself?
    You’re a mom on an eveningwalk with your 6-year-old son and you are suddenly approached “aggressively” by a man who exposes himself and then suggests that you stand there and watch what’s next, so what do you do?In Longview...
  • 75 reptiles, amphibians die in Longview house fire
    75 reptiles, amphibians die in Longview house fire
    Tragedy struck just over in Longview at the Reptiles Road Show Thursday afternoon. For the last five years, reptile keeper, Garth Pithan, has been running the show and he and other reptile lovers along with children that frequent his events are...
  • Kimberly Burns
    Harrison County Sheriff's Office needs assistance in locating missing girl
    This morning Harrison County Sheriff's Office re-issued a request asking for the public’s assistance in locating a missing East Texas girl.Kimberly Burns, a 16-year-old from Marshall was reported missing by her mother, Tewana Morris, on...
  • Vanessa Johnson Food Critic
    V for Vigilante: Cowlitz county food critic
    Dear Cowilitz County,I recently had the opportunity to attend the State of the Cities address held by the Kelso and Longview Chamber of Commerce. If you are not familiar it is a quarterly meeting that addresses where the cities are financially and...
  • Kristi's Custom Cakes
    Kristi's Custom Cakes
    Chocolate, vanilla, root beer oh my! Although I have driven by Kristi’s Cakes new location many times, pressing my nose against my window to get a better look as I waited for the light I had never actually gone inside. I saw beautiful cakes...
  • The Bistro
    The Bistro
    The ambience is both seductive like a lover inviting you up for a nightcap and as comfortable as dinner at an old friends house. Elegant minus the pretension, the Bistro offers cuisine that excites and still looks like food. I have had many...
  • John Carlson
    NW gun activists cheer return of KVI’s Carlson, conservative talk
    Northwest gun rights activists on the Shooters Northwest forum are cheering this week’s return of veteran Seattle conservative talk host John Carlson to the airwaves at KVI-AM, which has also returned to its conservative talk radio format...
  • Longview Fibre Paper & Packing Co. is hiring now
    Longview Fibre Paper & Packing Co. is hiring now
    With summer coming to a close, the availability of seasonal jobs and part time work starts to grow thin. With fall approaching, now is the time to look for a permanent job and ascend to a more rewarding career.Right now, the Washington based...
  • "Tex"
    Texas is the place to be for dog showing
    Every Summer Texas becomes the Big Bow Wow! The 2012 Texas show circuit is preceded by Texarkana on June 16th - 17th, going back up into Oklahoma for June 27th - July 1st and coming into Dallas July 5th - 8th. July 11th - 15th the fanciers of San...
  • Union thugs in Longview
    Washington union held in contempt of court after raid on Longview port
    A federal judge found a Washington longshore union in contempt Thursday for its role in an assault against the Longview port last week.The Associated Press reported:U.S. District Judge Ronald Leighton said he wants the operator of the Longview...
  • CNN costello
    CNN anchor laughs at vulgar union threat of news crew
    CNN's Carol Costello had a good laugh Monday morning over a union thug threatening a KGW news crew last week."Let's move on to this story [Laughs] out of Washington state. I don't know why it makes me laugh because it shouldn'...
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